Monday, August 27, 2018

Walk Together, Armageddon Together

My 7 Seconds collection is pretty damn weak. I mean, I absolutely love the band, but when it comes to chasing vinyl, I've never been able to get it going. I thought that I was ready to get down with it back in 2009 when I picked up a copy of Committed For Life, but I got one record in before I was off chasing something else. This cheap pick up for the Walk Together, Rock Together album, nine years later, doesn't really help strengthen my collection all that much.

I know that I shouldn't have bothered with this reissue, and should have just held out for the first pressing with the original artwork, but fuck it, at the end of the day both versions should be in my collection. Seeing this copy at the Armageddon Shop just made it easy to take the cheap way out and start with this one.

Grabbing this record was a last minute decision while shopping with Marcus. I already had a few records in my hands, and I was ready to head to the counter and check out...but Marcus was still browsing, so I took another minute to randomly search and flip through a few more albums. I saw this copy of Walk Together and said "Why the fuck not?".

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