Friday, June 29, 2018

The Finest Line A Man Can Walk

Earlier this year, I picked up a One Up record, and I had such a good time with it, that I picked up another, and then another. Things escalated quickly, and I wanted more.

The peak for One Up was their The More Things Change 7 inch. This record ruled back in 2004, and it is just as vital today. Man, these songs still give me a charge.

Chasing these One Up records has been cheap and easy, with each one readily available on Discogs for under $10. Once I started picking them up, it just made sense to get them all, with this gold vinyl pressing of The More Things Change being the last piece of the puzzle.

Now if the band would only get their full length, It's Time To Believe, finally pressed to vinyl instead of just being a CD only release.

Seemed like a good time to get them all out for a family photo.


Phil B. said...

There's also a final show press of "the singles"; blue vinyl with a limited cover /100.

Mike said...

Good to know. I'm going to need that!