Friday, March 16, 2018

Boys Just Want To Have Fun

When I'm listening to music, I tend to narrow in on specific years or eras. Mostly my attention falls into the category of Metal and Hardcore for the 70's, 80's and 90's...and occasionally I'll get caught up listening to newer shit...and I can be perfectly content to spend weeks just listening to records from that chosen era over and over and over again. There is one period in Hardcore that I tend to overlook these days...those bands from the 00's.

I was recently doing one of those Record A Day challenges on Instagram, and the topic of "All Time Favorite Record" came up. Typically, for this category, I will fall back on something from Ronnie James Dio, but I wanted to mix it up this time around. I was tossing some different ideas around in my head, and then I remembered the Lights Out LP taking the top spot on my account (which provides stats on all the music you listen to and capture with their site). Thinking about this album got me thinking about some mid-00's Hardcore records. Before I knew it, I was down the rabbit hole, and I woke up from a record shopping stupor with a stack of Recent Purchases on my account, and a wife that was upset about the number of boxes that were being delivered to the house.

One of the bands that I'd forgotten about over the past few years was One Up. While I was digging through old music and memories from the mid-00's, I came across songs from the It's Time To Believe album from One Up. I only owned it on CD, so I headed to Discogs to find out the deal on the vinyl pressing. Wait. What?!? That was only released on CD? How the fuck is that possible? I mean this was released by Dead By 23, who were kind of known for releasing multiple vinyl pressings, so how did this only see a CD release. Shit is whack.

So while I was trying to figure out what the deal was with It's Time To Believe, I happened to see a vinyl pressing of their demo for cheap. Man, that special cover for Posi Numbers pressing. Pretty much just boys fun. Hilarious.

If you happen to think that the front cover is gay, you might want to stay away from the b-side label. Again...just dudes having a laugh.

Hand numbered and limited to 75.

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