Thursday, March 22, 2018

In Like A Lion...

A few years ago, I got burnt the fuck out on collecting multiple pressings. It felt like things were getting out of control, and the thrill of the chase turned into a pain in the ass when labels were pressing new releases on 5 different colors, and dropping reissues left and right. I stepped away from that madness, and instead focused my attention on picking up those classic records that I never owned on vinyl in the first place.

I shed that feeling where I felt an obligation to buy everything that a label was releasing, and instead of spending $50 to buy every pressing of a new album, I was content with one copy. It was liberating.

Out of the blue, recently, I started listening to some records from 2005 that I hadn't thought about in years. Suddenly, that old feeling was back, and I started thinking about how great it would be to own more pressings for those albums that I already owned. Fuck that level headed thinking of locking it down and focusing on finally adding that Articles Of Faith album to the collection...let's get loose.

After grabbing a copy of Planet Mental on white vinyl, I had to check to see what else that seller had to offer. Part of my 2005 obsession included multiple spins of the first Lion Of Judah 7 when I saw that the seller also had a copy of the Soul Power (Plus Four) 12 inch, I quickly added it to the cart as well.

I remember when this 12 inch was originally released. I was spending lots of time on the Bridge Nine messageboard at the time, and when I saw the announcement that some Euro label was releasing Soul Power, along with the songs from the demo, on a 12 inch for Lion Of Judah's Euro tour, I really wanted one. But what was some kid from The States supposed to do? I didn't want to deal with overseas shipping, and prices just seemed to high for my tastes at the time, so I never got my hands on one.

Over 12 years later, the dream finally comes true...and for under $10.

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