Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Young And Unaware

When I was young, and starting to get into Hardcore, I remember hearing the name Warzone thrown around a lot. I figured that they must be a big deal, so when I saw their self-titled CD sitting on the racks at the local music store, I quickly grabbed it, eager to check out this legendary Hardcore band.

In hindsight, that release from 1989 might not have been the best place to start...but I didn't know any better, and as I was crossing over from Metal to Hardcore, I quite enjoyed that record.

Sometime down the road, a friend shared the REV comp, The Way It Is, with me...after hearing As One, it suddenly clicked why Hardcore kids revered this band so much. However, even after getting the first two Warzone records dubbed to a blank cassette tape, and recognizing how superior those are, I still had a soft spot for that self titled turd.

Like Token Entry's Weight Of The World, everyone likes to cast stones and ridicule these oddballs...but me, I love 'em...and since I've been checking records off the World's Shittiest Wantlist this year, I figured it was time to scratch another big time player off the list.


Doug W said...

It's all about Judgement Day 2. Mad props to one shitastic album!

Cesar P.C. said...

Hey, could you do a hi-res scan of the lyrics sheet? mine is missing.. if it's not to much to ask.

Mark-Sandwell said...

I'm going to torture myself and play this and DYS fire and ice back to back.

mcs said...

As someone who likes utter shit, even I can't hang with this one. I probably give it a try on average once every five years and make it through one song before giving up. I think I've bought the record and sold it twice.