Friday, June 24, 2016

Power Metal Heroes

By all rights, I should not like Sabaton. The singer, with his douchey mowhawk/goatee. The synth keyboards in the background. The militaristic war theme. The band is the definition of Power Metal cheese. With every fabric of my being, I should hate them...but I don't. Listening to old Helloween, and new Gamma Ray records has weakened my resolve...and surprisingly, I find myself headbanging and chanting along to those big Sabaton choruses.

When I was looking to pick up my first piece of Sabaton vinyl, I took the path of least resistance...their 2014 LP, Heroes. I wasn't concerned with chasing down the limited colored vinyl pressing...of which, I use the term "limited" loosely, since there were 5 different color pressings...ah fuck...I might as well be completely honest, and mention that I was terribly tempted to chase the green vinyl version, since it would have looked the best with the cover, but cooler heads prevailed, and I took the cheap and easy way out with black vinyl.

Two bonus songs on the vinyl that didn't make it to the US CD release. Right on.

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Doug W said...

Wait until you see them live! There will be no going back. Though I am willing to bet you have caught yourself humming the chorus to 40-1 already.