Thursday, March 24, 2016

Final Foundation

Late last year, news was posted that Foundation were breaking up, and releasing one final 12 inch record. By the time I'd heard the pre-orders were up over at Jawk Records, the limited color vinyl was sold out. I was so disappointed in missing out on the pre-order pressing, that I just walked away and didn't order a damn thing.

As I was hanging out in the REVHQ store, and looking to increase the size of my order, I tossed the new Foundation record in my cart on a whim. Why not? I've always enjoyed Foundation, and since I was buying a bunch of Hardcore records, it seemed like the easiest way to finally grab a copy.

Now that I have the vinyl, and have sat down to really listen to these songs, I'm disappointed that I chose to settle with the regular black vinyl pressing. This final goodbye from Foundation is so damn strong, I wish that I'd put forth more of an effort to get the colored vinyl...hell, even the coke bottle clear vinyl that is still available from Jawk would have looked great with the cover art.

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