Friday, October 23, 2015

Bad Motor Magic

Whenever Motorhead release a new album, the thought crosses my mind, "Is this the swan song for Lemmy?". Christ, the dude is approaching 70, and still cranks out an album every few years. Health issues and hard living be damned, with Motorhead celebrating their 40th anniversary, and releasing Bad Magic as their 22nd studio album, the guy just keeps on swinging.

You know what you are going to get with a Motorhead album, and Bad Magic doesn't really offer any surprises...Lemmy and the boys just keep on delivering. While the last album, Aftershock, was a bit flat, this one recovers nicely.

The vinyl comes with a free CD, but it is still weird to print the song titles for both the CD and vinyl on the back cover. What designer thought it made sense to print the song titles twice? Are you going to listen to the CD, and pull out the vinyl sleeve to check the song sequence?

When picking up my copy of the vinyl, the store had a couple of options...either the indie store exclusive white colored vinyl, or black vinyl with the gatefold sleeve. I was torn, but in the end, having the nice thick gatefold spine on my record shelf won out. I'm a visual guy, and when I'm scanning through the LPs on my shelf, I hate it when a thin little record spine gets swallowed up and lost into the collection. Gatefold spines pop out, so that's the way I went.

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