Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Live After Death Angel

A month or so ago, I picked up the Thrashumentary DVD from Death Angel. I've liked this band since I picked up their first album back in '87, so it was cool to spend a few hours following them from those early days to today.

Included with the DVD was a bonus CD of a live set from 2014, titled The Bay Calls For Blood. I was so impressed with the Thrashumentary, that I decided to pick up that live album on vinyl. Yeah yeah...I know that I will probably rarely listen to it, but I needed it for the collection.

Death Angel continue to release great thrash albums, and are not ones to sit back and rely on the strength of their classics. When I saw them a few years ago with Testament and Anthrax, Death Angel only gave us one song from the early days...Mistress Of Pain...everything else was from their newer albums. DA do the same deal here on the live classic song with Bored, and everything else is new shit. Bold move, and I love it.

300 pressed on clear vinyl.

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