Thursday, February 13, 2014

Little Effort Made Towards A Test Press

I never really made much of an effort to collect the Efforts Made 7 inch. I picked up a copy when the record was released back in 2006, and while I enjoyed it, I never set out to collect more of them.

When I saw a copy of the test pressing on eBay, I knew that interest in this little known band was going to be low. While I wasn't out to really collect the band's vinyl, I figured that if I could grab the test press for cheap, I'd take it. Yeah, the three other bidders for this didn't want to invest much either, but I came out on top for ten dollars and some change.

Jeff, who runs Bottled Up and Start Today Fanzine has an amazing Misfits collection, so it is no surprise that his label produced this great looking rip off cover for this test press.

Test press count for 2014 is at five.


mcs said...

That's five in six weeks. This is 52 per annum pace if ever I saw it. The test press chase of 2014 is most definitely on!

Mike said...

I'm going to get 52, just to rub it in your failure face.

mcs said...