Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Buying My Freedom

Okay...look, this was released on Back To Back, so it's not like I was going to ignore it...but to be honest, with a name like Freedom, I really wanted to avoid this. The name just brings to mind Oi! and skinhead imagery...two things that I have no interest in. But it was on B2B, and it did mention they were "inspired by hardcore staples such as Agnostic Front and Straight Ahead". I have to see what this is about.

I hopped over to the Back To Back webstore and see they have a Freedom song posted for you to check out. Oh damn. I'm glad that I was convinced to give this a listen, because this fucking rules. Fast and frantic with some solid early 80's New York worship.

100 on red.

Great packaging, and I love the creative use for the song titles and Back To Back tag.

150 on white.

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