Sunday, February 09, 2014

Clusterfuck Of Used Records

Back at the Cruel Hand show last month, in addition to the Clear 7 inch that I bought, I took the opportunity to go through a box of used records. Of course, there were a few in there that I wanted.

The first one that I pulled out of the pile was Painkiller number one...The A-Team 'Clusterfuck'. I've had the 'A Is For Asshole' album for a while, but never really looked into what else The A-Team had released outside of that. Holding the first press on orange vinyl in my hands, I figured that now was as good a time as any to finally grab something else by them. Good stuff.

Limited to 321.

Next one to be pulled from the box of records was the Soulside 7 inch. I love this band, and I've been digging a bunch of this kind of Dischord stuff recently. I bought the Trigger LP back in the early 90's, but after buying their discography CD, I never bothered with any more of their vinyl. When I saw this 7 inch, I knew it was time to fill this hole in my record collection.

Finally, I grabbed the R'N'R 7 inch. Their follow up LP fell a little flat for me, but the two songs on this EP are amazing. First press on Cadmium Sick Records. I'm glad to finally have a copy of this.

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mcs said...

I actually liked the R'N'R LP.