Friday, April 17, 2009

Over And Out

After what seemed like and eternity, Livewire finally put up the Over The Line 7 inch for pre-order. Only 300 pressed total, 200 on red and 100 on blue colored vinyl. Initially, Livewire only posted the pre-order as package deals with an Over The Line t-shirt. Using the "crate monster" from the 7 inch cover, I found the shirt design to be pretty stupid, so I wasn't going to drop an extra $10 on a package deal just to get the vinyl on this. After a couple of days, Livewire finally put up a pre-order option without the t-shirt, so I was on board. The packaging on this record is really nice...solid, thick record sleeve, and a nice fold out poster/lyric sheet. Excellent job. I've only listened to this record a couple of's pretty good...sometimes I'm reminded of Burn, and other times I hear Leeway.
While I was in the Livewire store, I also decided to pick up the last colored vinyl that I needed for the live Insted LP. I already had the blue and gold colored vinyl, so I picked up the clear vinyl to complete the collection. I'm not a huge fan of live albums, but this one brings back nice memories of seeing Insted on their reunion tour. I wasn't at the CBGB show, but Paul and I did take the drive to Providence to see them at The Living Room. We ended up getting their pretty early and we spent some time hanging out in the parking lot talking to Sweet Pete...Karl from Earth Crisis ended up hanging out with us for a while too. The show was a lot of fun with bands like The First Step and Mental opening for them. Insted played a great set, and while the crowd wasn't packed up front, I still lost it for every song they played. The last few songs they played were absolutely amazing, as the crowd finally got in to it for We'll Make The Difference and their cover of Young Till I Die...tons of stagedives and singing along.

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xroldx said...

I still think the Over The Line demo was way better tha n this stuff to be honest.

Insted rules though!