Sunday, April 12, 2009

Is This My Vinyl?

Another record won from my recent eBay killing spree. I haven't been able to keep away from that site over the past month. My current obsession with older hardcore vinyl, strikes again as I threw a bid on an auction from Jerry's Kid's first album, Is This My World. Man, Boston Hardcore has just been killing it in my stereo lately, as I can't seem to get enough DYS, SSD, Negative FX, and Gang Green. This Jerry's Kids album was the re-issue on TAANG! Records, and not the original press on X-Claim, so I didn't have to pay too much for this copy. Although it was a painful reminder from when I thought that I had an original pressing of SSD's The Kids Will Have Their Say. I've been thinking that I had an original pressing for years, and a few months ago I read on the Livewire messageboard about someone recently realizing that they owned the bootleg pressing that Ray and Porcell (?) released years ago on the EX-Claim label. I checked mine, and sure enough, it was the bootleg pressing as well. No wonder I was able to pick it up 15 years ago for $25.

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