Monday, September 07, 2015

Complete 411

Over on Instagram, some of us are playing a little game called Seven Inch September, with the obvious goal of posting a seven inch a day for the entire month. I thought it would be kind of fun, and a great opportunity to dig through my boxes of records, so I decided to play along. Since I've basically reverted to spending the past couple of years as an eighteen year old metalhead, it has been surprising just how much I've enjoyed dusting off those early to mid-90's hardcore records.

Since I've been diving back into some long lost 90's hardcore records, it seems like the perfect time to post the 411 discography that I recently picked up.

The high point on this discography is that I finally have a few of the comp songs that I didn't have in my collection. I'm not interested in buying the Discharge covers comp, but it is nice to have 411's version of State Violence, State Control.

I missed out on the first press for this LP, so when I saw that REV had the second pressing available in the store, I grabbed a copy. 400 pressed on white vinyl.


mcs said...

Hang on... you mean to say that don't have the Discharge covers comp?!?

Mike said...

I do not. I didn't even know it existed until a few years ago, and judging from the bands on there, I'm not missing out on anything.