Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Tyger Bay

I've picked up a few solid New Wave Of British Heavy Metal records this year, and I've been itching to finally pick up some big names. Some of this stuff isn't difficult to find, and the prices are it really just comes down to me getting off my ass and getting it done.

The Tygers Of Pan Tang were a pretty big deal back during the early days of the NWOBHM. After releasing their first EP on Neat during the label's early years of '79, the band was quickly picked up by a major label. By the time they released their second album, Spellbound, in '81, they had a new singer and a new hot shot guitarist by the name of John Sykes (who would go on to play in Thin Lizzy, Whitesnake and Blue Murder).

Spellbound may be my favorite album from Tygers, and the deciding factor on that is because the song Gangland is just so fucking good. When I was looking to pick up my first Tygers album on vinyl, Spellbound was where my attention was.

When I started looking around for a copy on Discogs, I noticed that Spellbound originally came with an autographed poster. Of course every available copy at the time did not include the poster, so I threw it on my Want List and played the waiting game. As soon as I got the notification that there was a copy up for sale that included the poster, I jumped on it...and the $15 price tag didn't break the bank, so I was happy.

It should go without saying that I needed a copy of the album with the merchandise insert as well.

Sunday, September 15, 2019


I've been chasing a handful of different record collecting goals this year, but one of my favorites has been those albums celebrating their 30th anniversary. When the year started, my collection for 1989 was pretty pathetic, however, the past nine months has slowly seen me pick up some top tier stuff...many of my favorite metal albums from that year. It has been a few months since I've grabbed a classic from '89, so it feels great to pick up another one.

I was still a metalhead in 1989, and while I was buying albums from Sick Of It All and Cro-Mags, I was probably still a year away from really discovering the hardcore scene. The Thrash Zone album from D.R.I. was pretty big transition album between the two worlds for me.

Shortly after a group of me and my friends took a trip to Boston to catch Testament at The Channel, I discovered that D.R.I. were playing in Providence in early 1990. It was a good three hour drive to Rhode Island, and when a couple of friends bailed on the trip, I decided to make the trip alone. This was before GPS and smartphones, I packed a state map in my car and headed in the general direction of Providence with no real idea where I was going. I stopped at various gas stations to ask for directions and drove through some sketchy parts of town, but eventually found the club. Growing up only knowing about big arena be up front, stagediving with Kurt Brecht putting the microphone in my face to sing along to Suit And Tie Guy, and then having the entire band come out on the floor to talk with everyone...that shit was life changing. This was the real deal, and soon after I was travelling to see Agnostic Front and Slapshot play live, and from there, there was no turning back.

It had been a while since I'd given the Thrash Zone album a spin, but diving into my 1989 playlist this year, I've rediscovered how much fun this record still is. Hey, it is no Dealing With It or Crossover, but fuck, this album is a blast.

Monday, September 09, 2019


There are a number of old school thrash bands that are still around and releasing quality albums. Overkill and Flotsam & Jetsam have already released new albums this year, and it is good to see Death Angel on the attack as well. No lie...the new Death Angel albums are heavier and faster than their Frolic Through The Park and Act III albums from the late 80's/early 90's. I'm not saying they are better, but there is a level of intensity and anger that I don't remember from those early days.

Humanicide is the sixth album from Death Angel since they reunited in the early 2000's, and this thing definitely hits hard. Mark Osegueda's voice is absolutely doesn't sound like he has lost anything since the metal glory days of the 80's. Mad respect for this band.

I didn't want to mess around with colored vinyl when I picked up this album. Black vinyl gets the job done here. Nice looking etching on the d-side.

Saturday, September 07, 2019

I Am The Ugly American

I thought it was just a year or so ago that I had rekindled my relationship with Big Black, but checking the blog for details, it turns out that it has been over three years since I picked up the Atomizer album. Damn. I remember being very excited about buying that album, and I really wanted to pick up more from the Big Black catalog for the collection. Three years have passed with zero progress...until now.

When I was obsessing about Big Black back in 2016 I somehow missed giving the Racer-X EP a spin at the time. I don't know why. I guess that the song titles didn't jump out at me, so I didn't bother with it. When I got the itch this year for some more Big Black, I decided it was time for some Racer-X. I don't know how I couldn't have forgotten these songs because they are absolutely killer. I've had such a good time revisiting this EP that I needed this record in my collection as soon as possible.

I loved the look of the original Homestead pressing, with the exploding car on the front, so that's the one that I stepped up for. I found a copy at a great price on Discogs and I quickly pulled the trigger.

When the package arrived, I quickly ripped open the box to check out the record, and at first I was puzzled. When I first saw the record cover, it wasn't what I recalled buying. I did some research and discovered that the seller sent me the Touch And Go repress from 1992. I was bummed. The record only cost me $14, and I really hate to complain over that small dollar amount, but I reached out to the seller anyway. Thankfully, the seller was very accommodating, and he told me to keep the pressing that I'd received, and he would send out the correct one right away. Two records for the price of one!

It's nice to have both pressings, but damn, this Touch And Go pressing is ugly.

Wednesday, September 04, 2019

World Shaker

It has been fun digging into some newer hardcore records lately, but it ain't like I'm going to stop chasing some great new metal as well.

Back in 2013, Asomvel released one of my favorite metal records of the time. That Knuckle Duster record was so damn great, I'd be willing to bet that of all post-2000 metal records, it still sits comfortably in the top five. Their infectious, Motorhead influenced sound is just that good.

Shortly after releasing Knuckle Duster, the singer left the band, and band seemed to be in flux for years leaving me to wonder if they were ever going to recover. Then, in 2016, the band came out of nowhere with a new video for a song called The Nightmare Ain't Over, and then in 2017 we got the World Shaker in 2019, we finally get a new album.

While World Shaker doesn't quite knock me on my ass like Knuckle Duster did, this record is still a ton of fun. Even with a new singer/bass player, they still keep that Motorhead vibe going. They keep the hits coming.

I took the easy way out, and ordered the black vinyl because it was available from a US distro, but now I'm wishing that I'd held out for the white vinyl.

Saturday, August 31, 2019

What On Earth Can We Do?

It has been a good week on the blog for hardcore records, but let's squeeze in one more before the month is up.

Over the past couple of months, I'd already placed two orders with Triple B for my latest hardcore haul, but once the new Abuse Of Power record was up for preorder, I was going back to the well for a third time.

Abuse Of Power released their demo back in 2016, and then their first 7 inch for Triple B back in 2017. Both of those had a great early 90's hardcore sound, and it felt like the band would have fit in perfectly on the Words To Live By comp that New Age released in '91. Needless to say, I was really looking forward to what they would deliver with their first LP, What On Earth Can We Do.

Damn. There have been a number of great hardcore records released this year, and it is going to be interesting to see how it all shakes out. The one thing that you can count on though, the Abuse Of Power album will be near the top of the list. This thing does not disappoint.

I think that I missed the preorder announcement for this record, and by the time I got in there, the most limited pressing was already sold out. Oh well. Looks like the clear vinyl with the red spot will have to be good enough. 300 pressed.

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

One Last Prayer

Two years ago, Marcus posted on his blog about the Vanished Crusade album from Forced Order. He had picked up three different pressings of the record, and I wasn't sure if he truly liked that album that much or if he was only buying it because it was released by Revelation Records. I asked him if Forced Order was something that I should check out, but as soon as he made the comparison to Integrity, I got the fuck out. I wanted nothing to do with that.

When I was recently adding records to my cart over at the Triple B store, the cover for One Last Prayer caught my eye. I didn't remember my exchange with Marcus over Forced Order, so I figured that I'd give them a listen. I went in with an open mind, and I was surprised with how much I liked what I heard. Without pause, I listened to the entire One Last Prayer album on Spotify, and proceeded to add the vinyl to my Triple B cart. I was sold.

Honestly, I don't understand my attraction to this record. With the term "metallic hardcore" thrown around, and a bio that drops names like Hatebreed, my good sense tells me that I should hate everything about this...but still, I keep coming back to this record, and I'm giving it plenty of spins. To me, I'm more reminded of 90's bands like Culture and One King Down, and that's the kind of shit that I can get onboard with. Who knows, maybe in a couple of years I'll actually get around to checking out their stuff on REV.

I love the record cover for this, and the white/red vinyl complements it very well. While it isn't the most limited, as far as I'm concerned, this is the colored vinyl to own.