Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Primitive Future

I may have gotten myself in too deep with all the goals that I've set for 2019. First up, I created a list of ten records that I've wanted for years, but haven't had the focus to make any solid moves to actually acquire them, so keeping them front and center on my radar, I hoped that it would motivate me to finally pick them off. There are some heavy hitters on that list, so just sticking with that goal pretty much filled my plate...and then I kicked off January with a New Wave Of British Heavy Metal obsession, and I started to get excited thinking about chasing down some NWOBHM rarities. Then, if that wasn't enough, I got it into my head to really get aggressive over my 30th anniversary challenge, and grab some of my favorite albums from 1989 that I still need to own on vinyl...and I'll tell you, that list is fucking huge.

Right now, those records from 1989 are commanding most of my attention. Because I was so focused on buying CDs back in '89, my record collection for that year is fucking pathetic. When I looked in my collection for that year, I came up with a total of two metal records...and one of those was the Sea Hags album that I was introduced to this year. Jesus Christ. I needed to do some work.

I wanted to come out of the gates with a bang, and scoring Sepultura's Beneath The Remains was a great way to kick off this latest obsession. This thing is mint. With the shrink wrap and hype sticker still a part of the package, I don't think that I could have found a better copy.

Holy shit. This album is a monster. It has been a blast revisiting it, and every single one of these songs still hit like a brick to the face. Easily a contender for the best album from 1989...which is saying something for a year that was full of great metal records. More killer albums from 1989 to come...

Monday, March 18, 2019

Midnite Maniac

I remember owning the cassette for The Blitz, from Krokus, when I was a kid. I know that I owned it, but I don't remember much about it. My fading memory seems to recall it was a rather weak follow up to Headhunter, which was a favorite of mine back in 1983...but with The Blitz, I just don't think that it was heavy enough to capture my attention at the time, and it quickly took a back seat to Out Of The Cellar, Stay Hungry, and Powerslave.

For the past six months or so, I've been obsessing over those early 80's metal albums, and revisiting a lot of those albums that I've left buried by time and dust. After re-discovering Krokus recently, and absolutely loving some of their earlier records, I happened to find a used copy of The Blitz at the local store. I hadn't bothered to revisit this one, but I was feeling good about my chances with it in 2019, and I rolled the dice...dropping the $6 for it.

I've been finding myself very forgiving of those mid-80's hair metal bands lately, and I've been having a ton of fun spinning stuff like Kick Axe, Helix, Quiet Riot, and Ratt...and this Krokus album falls right in with those bands that have been getting lots of repeat plays in my playlists lately. Simply put, I'm having fun listening to The Blitz, so it was well worth the price paid for this slab of vinyl.

Saturday, March 16, 2019

Reason To Believe In Remission

2019 has been pretty quiet on the record collecting front for hardcore so far, but when the opportunity came up to pick up a special pressing of the newest Remission album, I quickly added it to my cart without a second thought. I've built a nice Remission collection over the years, and I wanted to keep it going, so there was no way I was going to let this one pass me by.

This is such a solid album. When I first heard it, I commented that it had a Reason To Believe/Jon Bunch vibe...hell, when I blogged about the record last year, I even titled my post Remission To Believe...so it was cool to see them do a special pressing that is a tribute to the artwork for the Reason To Believe album. Man, this looks so damn good.

Hand numbered, limited to 50, and only available direct from the band.

Friday, March 15, 2019

The Wings Of War

Overkill has been one of my favorite thrash bands for years, and their production level is off the charts. I mean, without fail, they release a new album every two or three years, and each record is just a powerhouse of thrash. How many bands keep up that level of consistency?

I'll admit, the new album, The Wings Of War, took a bit of time to really grab me. I've been stuck in a hair metal mindset quite a bit lately, and the first couple listens of the new Overkill record didn't leave much of an impression on me. However, these songs are starting to take hold with the last few spins, and I'm really starting to dig this album. There is a lot of great new metal albums coming down the pike this year, so it will be interesting to see where this Overkill record falls in my end of the year list. The band typically scores pretty high with me, but damn, they are going to be facing some tough competition this year.

I didn't even fuck around with colored vinyl for this record. All the colors looked gross, and with the packaging, black vinyl just looked better.

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Fell In Love With A Girl

There was a time when I was fucking nuts over The White Stripes. Man, I loved that band, and I played every one of their records to death...then around 2013, I just lost interest, and I basically forgot about them over the next five years. I've had the itch to give The White Stripes a spin lately, and I've been eyeballing their vinyl at the record store lately, so when family members were looking for Christmas gift ideas, I threw their White Blood Cells album on the list.

In the early 00's, I was desperately looking for something new when it came to music, and that was when I stumbled upon The White Stripes. I Think I Smell A Rat was the first song that I checked out, and there was something there that grabbed my attention. I don't think that I'd heard anything like that, and I needed more, so I downloaded the entire White Blood Cells album. Man, that was some fun shit, and I developed a pretty healthy crush on Meg White the next few years.

I've got to say, this album has been a blast to revisit. I don't give a shit what Jack White is doing these days, but I still love everything that The White Stripes did.

Monday, March 11, 2019

None More White

I've been slowly adding records for The Beatles to the collection. I enjoy all of their stuff, but it is really only the later day records...from '65 on...that I'm actively looking to pick up. I've grabbed a copy of all the records from that era that I was most excited to own...with the exception of The White Album. I still needed to get my hands on that one.

As the family was getting ready for Christmas last year, I was asked for some gift ideas, and so I threw together a list of albums that I wanted, but if left to my own devices, I know that I wouldn't have tried very hard to chase them. The two album set for The White Album was on that list. The Beatles are one of those few bands that some family members can see eye to eye with me on, so I figured that it might make someone happy to pick up that one for me.

This 50th anniversary pressing is pretty damn solid, and includes reproductions of the original portraits and poster that were included in the original pressings.

This poster is huge. I'm happy that things like this were included, otherwise, with the simple, embossed, white cover would be pretty damn boring. At least the poster and portraits give the packaging some life and color.

The White Album isn't one of my favorite albums from The Beatles, as there is a lot of different stuff tried here, but I do still enjoy it from time to time, and there is still more than a handful of songs that are just truly fantastic.

Saturday, March 09, 2019

The Refused Party Program

The late 90's were a weird time for me with Hardcore. Sure there were some great records being released, but it seems that the majority of it, I just can't be bothered with these days. While bands like Fastbreak and Floorpunch still hold up, there are a string of bands like Boysetsfire and Where Fear And Weapons Meet that I haven't fucked with for years now.

At that time, Refused were huge for me. It is ridiculous how many times I listened to their Shape Of Punk To Come CD...and yet looking back at last.fm for my listening history, over the past 13 years, I've only given that album a spin three times. Yeah, that one fell way off for me. Yet, when I was checking the exclusive vinyl from Newbury Comics, I decided to throw it on the list of records for my brother to pick up for me at Christmas. You know, not interesting enough for me to actively chase and spend money on, but it's not like I could point my brother in the direction of Discogs and ask him to pick up an original Noise pressing for a Celtic Frost record.

It was kind of cool to revisit the album with this vinyl purchase. Musically, there are a lot of new ideas on this record, and I can see why I loved it so much back in 1998...but these days, it's only good for the occasional spin.

500 pressed on clear blue swirl vinyl.