Saturday, December 03, 2016

Not Dead...Just Damaged

Is there anything more disappointing than buying a record online, only to have it arrive packaged in nothing but a bubble envelope. No cardboard reinforcement...nothing...just your vinyl stuffed into an envelope with no protection. Seriously. What kind of person would think this is acceptable?

Needless to say, when my Punks Not Dead record arrived on my doorstep, the corners were pretty well crushed. It wasn't damaged beyond recognition, but it was still heartbreaking.

Buying that GBH EP opened the punk floodgates, and within two days I'd also sent payments for the Barmy Army 7 inch, and The Exploited's first LP, Punks Not Dead. Once I started buying old punk classics, I was on a roll, and couldn't stop hitting that Buy It Now button.

Punks Not Dead is an absolute classic. The record is 35 years old, and still does not fail to get me moving as soon as those riffs kick in.

Thursday, December 01, 2016

Achilles Last Stand

Over two years ago, I started collecting the super deluxe box sets for Led Zeppelin. These things cost a good bit of spending money, so it has been a slow process. I get nervous with these things...afraid that now that I've started down this road with the super deluxe box sets, that I'll fall behind, and they will start to become more and more difficult to find. With the Presence box hitting the stores in the summer of 2015, it was good to finally add this one to the collection.

I seem to find a reason to get excited over each Zeppelin box set that I purchase. Whether it is my favorite (IV), or one that I wasn't really familiar with (Houses Of The Holy), or one that I'd never owned on vinyl (Physical Graffiti)...with Presence, it was the album that turned me on to the band.

I grew up hating Led Zeppelin, and thought of them as music for old men. I was too busy finding heavier and faster music through the 80's, and anything from Zeppelin was met with the angry sneer of youth.

As I started to roll into my mid-30's, I discovered that some of those 70's Hard Rock bands that I'd hated as a kid, were actually quite good. For Zeppelin, all it took was for my friend Jeff to sit me down, and play the opening notes of Achilles Last Stand. That was it. The hook was set, and as I started to check out their early albums, I was completely reeled in.

Yup...I still love the negative image for the bonus LP containing a handful of alternate mixes and outtakes. Nothing really new, and probably not something that I'll listen to very much, but still a great addition.

The super deluxe box set wouldn't be complete with out that nice hardcover book. Chock full of live photos, old ads and newspaper clippings, these things are a great way to fully immerse yourself in the album. Drop the needle and flip the pages showcasing true musical history.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Barmy Army

Buying that G.B.H. EP recently, served as a reminder that I'd fallen off from buying old 7 inches from The Exploited. One purchase lead to another, and as soon as I'd purchased a record for one classic UK punk band, I was on the hunt for the other.

I probably spent more money than need to pick up the Exploited Barmy Army 7 inch, but truth be told, I've been chasing it off and on for a while now, and I finally got sick of the game, and I just pulled the it was a US seller, so I could justify the higher price as offsetting the savings on overseas shipping.

Before The Exploited signed on with Secret Records, they released their first two singles on their own independent Exploited Record Company. Never mind those Secret reissues, first press was the way to go for me. Cool little record that is still a blast to sing along with. Anarchy!

Saturday, November 26, 2016

For Twisted Minds Only

Earlier this year, my listening habits got stuck in 1970. I couldn't get enough, and had those albums set on repeat for a few weeks. I did not want to leave that year, and started to actively search for other records that were released at that time, but that I'd never heard. One of the bands that I came across was Horse.

I checked out a few of their songs on youtube, but it didn't immediately grab me, so I moved on without giving them much thought.

By a strange coincidence a few months later, when pre-orders for the new Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell record went up, I noticed that Rise Above also had available, a reissue of the self titled Horse record from 1970. Funny how things unfold like that.

With Rise Above's name behind this reissue, I decided that maybe I should revisit this record. Maybe I'm easily influenced, and I just swallow whatever the hype machine feeds me, but this time around the opening riff for The Sacrifice had me more than intrigued, and I quickly added it to my order along with the new Shovell record.

By the time the vinyl arrived, I was second guessing my purchase, and thought that maybe I'd spent my money a little foolishly...and I'd regretted spending so much money on a record that I doubted that I was going to really enjoy that much. After a couple of spins, I could lay that doubt to rest. This was some dark and heavy stuff...especially for 1970...and with killer riffs in songs like Freedom Rider, this record was a winner. A great addition to my 1970 playlist.

Packaged with a bunch of unreleased songs, and a great looking 12x12 booklet, detailing the history of the band, once again, Rise Above does an amazing job with this reissue.

The Die Hard pressing is pressed on clear vinyl, and comes with a bonus 7 inch. Limited to 150.

Friday, November 25, 2016

Oh No, It's GBH Again

I was recently reading the Crossover chapter in the NYHC book, which prompted me to spend a bunch of time with my 1986 playlist. While ripping through a bunch of Crossover albums, I came across a G.B.H. EP that has never gotten a lot of play. Well, it was checking all the right boxes, and I was loving those four songs.

Obviously the early G.B.H. stuff is the best, but the mid to late 80's stuff is no slouch either. I also have a slight obsession with Combat and Combat Core stuff, so that was the way to go when picking up this record.

I love that this copy came with the IRD Mailorder form. Man, they had all kinds of great stuff available to order in '86.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Abuse Of Power

New hardcore records have been in short supply for me in 2016. I imagine that some of you will be less than impressed when I post my Best of 2016 list next month. I'm not sure if I've really missed some great records for this year, or if I just don't give a shit about trying to keep up with everything these days.

I do keep up with record collecting blogs though, and when Chris over at Unwavering Spirit posted about Abuse Of Power last month, it caught my attention.

I've been seeing posts recently from New Age Records, about a couple of newer bands that they were working with. Abuse Of Power were one of those bands.

Chris seemed impressed with the record, and said that the band would have fit in nicely with the Words To Live By 7 inch back in '91. I was a little skeptical, since New Age hadn't released a new record that was worth my attention for over 15 years now. I was doubtful that this release was going to be anything different, but since Chris was down with it, I decided to give it a chance.

Damn! I'm impressed. The hype was deserved as this does sound like it would have fit in nicely with those songs from the Words To Live By record. I quickly jumped to the New Age store to make sure that I got a piece of that delicious looking "pink lemonade" colored vinyl. 200 pressed.

While I'm trying to ease up on buying multiple pressings for records, I couldn't resist adding another color to my Outspoken collection for A Light In The Dark. Since I already had four copies, I figured that I might as well go for five.

Plus that Reason To Believe pressing looked too good to pass up. R.I.P. Jon Bunch.

200 pressed on red colored vinyl.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Admiral Sir Greasy Shovell

Rise Above may be known for their Doom bands, but when Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell comes around, you better be ready to party. Their brand of punked up Rock n Roll is gonna make you move.

A new album from The Shovell is definitely something to get excited over. With a new 7 inch released earlier this year, I wasn't expecting a full length follow up so quickly. As soon as pre-orders went up, I was quickly catching a preview of the album, and then dumping money into the Rise Above webstore.

Top notch packaging from the band again. Love the look of the Birdman theme on their record covers. I just wish that Rise Above didn't slap their logo sticker across the front of Keep It Greasy and ruin the full aesthetic.

The Die Hard pressing from Rise Above comes with a bonus 7 inch, so you know that was really the only way to go when ordering.

150 pressed on clear vinyl.