Sunday, June 17, 2018

Dirty Rotten LP

I've recently been on a bit of a kick, buying different pressings of Hardcore records...something that I haven't been interested in for years now. After going on a bit of a shopping spree, and picking up a bunch of cheap 7 inches, I had the urge to chase something a bit more substantial, and I wanted to cross a heavy hitter off my list.

After spinning the songs from D.R.I.'s first record, I knew that I had a target in my sights.

Originally, the Dirty Rotten record was released as a 7 inch EP in 1983, but when I was tracking down a copy, I was more interested in the 12 inch LP reissue from later that same year. I suppose that I could have tried to track down a legit, non-bootleg copy of the 7 inch, but reading Doug's experience hurt my head, and I figured that I didn't want to get caught up in that mess, and stuck with the LP instead.

What really surprised me was how easy this was to pick up. $20 off Discogs, and the job was done. I expected a higher price tag for this classic.

This album is a straight up ripper. I remember when I first heard this around 1988, and my brain struggled to keep up with the speed of some of these songs. To this day, I basically just mumble my way through, trying to keep up while singing along.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Wake Up!

I've been having a blast lately, throwing money at some cheap Hardcore records from the early 00's. It is funny how easy it is to forget about some great bands from a certain period, especially when your attention is continually pulled in other directions. Going back and revisiting some of these records has been a great reminder and has rekindled a desire to chase multiple pressings from a time when I was only buying CDs.

Wake Up Call were a local band from Maine, and as this state doesn't really have a strong history of Hardcore bands, Wake Up Call were definitely a diamond in the rough. The band didn't get the attention they deserved, but their One Eye Open 7 inch from 2006 can go toe to toe with some of the other heavy hitters from that year.

When I was picking up a couple of One Up 7 inches from a Discogs seller, I noticed that they had a copy of the Wake Up Call demo 7 inch, and I scooped it up. The preorder version comes with a special cover, and is limited to 30...and for $5, this was deal too good to pass up.

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Rally The Troops

As I mentioned in my Count Me Out post last week, the 2000's had some great bands that I've been overlooking in recent years. I'm not sure why, but for the longest time, I've kind of written off those years, and have forgotten that there was some great stuff being released. One of the bands that I've been obsessing over lately has been One Up.

I've already hit Discogs a couple times this year for One Up records, and with that fire still burning, I headed back to the well once again. This time I was looking to cross off a couple copies of their demo from the list.

There was a seller that had a copy listed for the clear vinyl pressing...but instead of being numbered out of 100 on the inside cover, this one just has the word "swirl". Bottled Up is known for some crazy transition pressings...especially with the Have Heart I'm assuming that this is a similar deal. "Hey, there are a couple of faint black streaks, lets set this aside, and list it as a transition".

The Discogs seller also had a white vinyl pressing available, so I grabbed that as well.

Tuesday, June 05, 2018


2018 has delivered when it comes to new Hardcore bands, and I've had a solid string of EPs and demos building up in my playlist for the year. While I was riding the high of some newer shit, I figured that I'd take a chance on another up and coming band I'd never heard of before with Hypocrite.

The band is out of Copenhagen and features some dudes that used to be in bands like Stop And Think, Coke Bust, and Government Warning. That is a pretty solid resume, but still, when I first heard about the band, I kind of shrugged and moved on. I don't know why...I'm just stubborn like that sometimes.

When Never Back Down Records announced that they only had a few copies left of the preorder version, that was when I figured that I'd better move on it.

I'm glad that I jumped on this when I did, because this demo 7 inch fits right in with the great new Hardcore bands that I've been spinning lately. These songs are raw and recorded rough, and goddamn, they rip!

30 of these come with the preorder stamp on the dust sleeve.

Sunday, June 03, 2018

Second Chances

I love Count Me Out, but they are one of those bands that I seem to always forget about. The early 00's was a weird time for me for Hardcore, and I don't spend a lot of time revisiting bands from that time period. No doubt, there were some great records released, but sometimes I forget about them when I start looking at the wave of bands at that time that just don't do much for me.

Count Me Out have always been one of the better bands for me from that era, but strangely, I've never bothered to chase and collect their vinyl. When I saw a flurry of activity on Instagram recently, of people posting some Count Me Out record cover that I'd never seen before, I sat up and started to pay attention.

Apparently, Count Me Out were playing a reunion show at the United Blood fest this year, and as a special release for the show, Indecision Records pressed up a few demo songs from their 110 album sessions.

I tracked one down on Discogs, and quickly grabbed it.

The packaging is pretty minimal, but that tri-fold cover is pretty bad ass. 250 pressed for this one-sided 7 inch.

It might be time to look into starting that Count Me Out collection.

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Temperance Act Of 1995

When I was picking up the new By The Grace Of God record over at REVHQ, I noticed that they also had a listing for the Searching For Silence album from Temperance. Since the BTGOG record had put me into a mid-90's kind of mood, and this was the first time this Temperance album was pressed to vinyl, I didn't hesitate to add it to my cart as well.

Originally released only on CD back in 1995, I was surprised to see that people cared enough about this forgotten Rhode Island Hardcore band to finally give this a vinyl pressing. I mean, I saw Temperance quite a bit back in the day, and in the Boston area, the band seemed like a pretty big deal...kind of following in Kingpin's shoes and going from a straight forward Hardcore band, and then adding in a more melodic flavor. I even tried to book both Temperance and Dive for a show in Portland back in '93, although both of them bailed a couple of weeks prior, and I had to scramble to fill their spots with much smaller bands to keep from completely cancelling...but still, I spent a fair amount of money on long distance calls with the bass player, Adam, talking about setting up the show and just talking about shit in general. I'm not sure how much interest this record will generate over 20 years later, but I'm pretty stoked to finally have this on vinyl.

Only 300 pressed, and only on black vinyl.

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

By The Grace Of 2018

It has been almost 20 years since the last record from By The Grace Of God, so it was quite the surprise to see their Above Fear record listed in the Upcoming section at REVHQ. As a fan of 90's Hardcore, and since I've been hot for new Hardcore records, I was eagerly looking forward to hearing this. The video for (Drowning In) White Tides sealed the deal, and I quickly preordered a copy.

This one sided EP hits the spot. Six songs in 14 minutes. The perfect length to get in, rip it up, and leave 'em wanting more.

150 pressed with the pink silk screened b-side.