Saturday, April 04, 2020

One Pressing Closer

Triple B recently did the third pressing of the One Step Closer record. I picked up a copy of this record last summer after catching the band live at the Have Heart reunion, and was quite content with that one pressing. This is a great record, but I didn't feel compelled to purchase multiple copies...until I saw that Triple B changed the color combo for the cover.

I'm a sucker for cover variations, and when Triple B changed the original colorway from the blue/purple over to this green/brown for the third pressing, I couldn't resist grabbing a copy.

I've seen One Step Closer play live three times over the past year...which is basically every hardcore show that I've seen during that time...and they have been a blast to watch each time. Really looking forward to seeing what this band does next.

Here is a quick shot to show the two covers side by side.

Friday, April 03, 2020

Orange Anxious

It feels funny to be chasing multiple copies of records again. It was about five years ago when I got fed up with that game and took myself out of the cycle of buying every single pressing, but I won't deny, that shit can be fun to do.

When I first saw Anxious play at the Have Heart reunion last summer, I did not really like them. I found the style to be a bit annoying to listen to, and I quickly decided that I didn't need to pay any attention to the band. When it turned out that they were playing the AHC 2019 matinee show, I figured that maybe I'd give their songs a quick listen on Spotify the day before the show. I was quite surprised with how much I loved what I was hearing, and decided to pick up the bands 7 inch at the show. That record turned out to be black vinyl, and since I couldn't stop spinning it I found that I desperately wanted a colored vinyl pressing, and I hunted down the pink vinyl.

Having two copies of the record felt a bit silly, since I only needed the orange vinyl to complete the set. When the Field Agent EP went up for preorder, I decided to grab that orange vinyl I was missing.

So here I sit with three copies of the Anxious 7 inch. It isn't really my favorite record from last year, but it sure is a lot of fun to listen to. I can't wait to see where the band goes from here.

Wednesday, April 01, 2020

Reflections Of A Field Agent

Triple B was killing it last year. It seemed like every time I turned around they were releasing another killer record. Rolling though the start of 2020, I was still feeling the love and when they put up preorders for the Field Agent EP, I figured that I'd check it out.

Field Agent opened up the Triple B fest back in December, and while I really wasn't expecting much from this unknown band, I had a great time watching these kids live. When preorders went up, I was also really digging that cover art, so I didn't hesitate to grab one.

This is a cool six song 12", and similar to the One Step Closer vinyl, the b side is blank. Good stuff for when I want to spin some newer hardcore.

161 pressed on a nice looking purple swirl colored vinyl.

Sunday, March 29, 2020

Mask Of The Savage Master

This year I have been all over Savage Master. I really started to discover them at the end of 2019, with their new album, Myth, Magic And Steel, and before I knew it they became a full-on obsession. Seriously, if I'd heard that album sooner, it would have easily worked it's way near the top of my Top 10 list for the year. When it was announced that Savage Master were going to be playing in Boston with Midnight this Spring, I quickly bought a ticket and was excited at the thought of being able to check out the band live. Well, COVID-19 certainly fucked up that plan as the show ended up getting cancelled...but at least I could use the refunded ticket money to buy a new record.

Mask Of The Devil was Savage Master's first album and was released back in yeah, it took me about six years to finally discover the band. I can't believe it took me so long, as this band is straight up early 80's metal worship. This stuff would have fit in perfectly with Metal Blade's roster in '83/'84, and it is a style that I can get down with anytime.

Good look with the transparent orange/gold colored vinyl.

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Pummel Power

I was riding a hardcore high the last few months and was hungry to check out any new band. When I went to the Vantage Point record release show back in January, I made an effort to check out every band on the bill prior to the show. I'd seen the name Pummel thrown around over the past year, but honestly, I was never interested in giving them a chance as the band's name kind of put me off.

Seeing how Pummel were playing the Vantage Point show, I decided to check them out on Spotify. Much to my surprise, they were kind of good. They had a 7 inch due out soon on Atomic Action, so I checked out a song from the upcoming record and really liked that as well. After catching them live, and watching the crowd go off to them, I made up my mind to preorder the new record, Our Power.

This record is really cool. Great solid hardcore. 100 pressed on white vinyl.

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Taking You Down With Me

Back when I was posting about my Armageddon 7 inch haul earlier this year, it reminded me of some of those thrashy hardcore bands of the early 2000's. I'd picked up a couple of Dead Nation records, and it got me spinning some stuff from that time period that I hadn't thought about for years. Bands like Down In Flames, Dead Stop, Cut The Shit, and off course Tear It Up.

When I was picking up the Social Circkle album from a Discogs seller, I was browsing through what else they had available. As soon as I saw they had the final Tear It Up record as well, I was quickly adding it to my cart.

To be honest, I'd never heard the Taking You Down With Me EP. For one reason or another, I never picked it up back when it was released in 2003, so here I am seventeen years later giving it a spin for the first time. I'm struggling to comprehend how that much time has passed, but besides that, it is really cool to dive into these songs as something new to me in 2020.

500 pressed on red vinyl, and a damn solid record to pick up for only $6.

Sunday, March 22, 2020

Social Distance

Things are kind of weird right now with this COVID-19 pandemic. I'm working from home, my daughter is home from college with all classes moving to online for the remainder of the school year, and my wife's office has closed leaving her with no paycheck until this is all over. We are trying to stay locked down in the house to avoid people, and "social distancing" has become a thing. With all these changes...are sellers still getting out to the post office...will the post office shut down temporarily... with only one paycheck will I run into problems paying for basic necessities down the road... I'm not feeling too confident in buying records at the moment. I've got a decent backlog of records here, but that will only last me for so long, so in the coming months, things may slow down here on the blog. Who knows? We'll see how this shakes out in the coming weeks.

At the end of last year I picked up a couple of Social Circkle 7 inches. Those records were a blast to spin, but I was kind of surprised that they were the first records that I'd picked up by the band. I could have sworn that I'd picked up their album, or at least their Static Eyes EP over the years, but apparently I'd thought about it a lot, but had never actually made the move. In January, I was having such a great time with the two 7 inches that I'd picked up, that I had to swing by Discogs and see what might be available.

When I saw that a seller had the record release pressing of the City Shock album, I couldn't resist and immediately added it to my cart. Considering that I must have almost picked up a copy of this record at least a half a dozen times back around 2010, I'm very happy to finally add the record release pressing to the collection. The special cover with the photos glued to heavy cardstock is a nice touch.

My copy came with a baseball card for Pete Young, whose uniform number matches the number for my record release pressing. I'm not sure if all record release pressing received a card, because man, that would be a pain in the ass to pull off, but it was kind of cool to find one here.