Sunday, February 16, 2020

Cry Of The Priest

I've never really thought about becoming a collector for Judas Priest. I mean, yeah, I wanted all their studio albums on vinyl, but I had never obsessed over them from a collectability standpoint like I do with Iron Maiden and anything Dio related. That all changed when I started checking out what they had released for singles over the years. Those singles looked fucking amazing, and suddenly I was itching to start throwing money at them.

If I was going to make serious run at collecting Priest records, I might has well start with a couple of recent releases that I had previously ignored. First up was the Turbo 30 album from 2017 that I scooped up earlier this year, and next on the list was the double live album, Battle Cry.

Judas Priest had two live albums in their catalog with Unleashed In The East and Priest...Live!, and I didn't think that we needed another live album, so I never bothered with Battle Cry at the time. Checking it out now, I feel like an idiot for ignoring it for this long. The track list on this thing is great. With three songs from the Redeemer Of Souls album, plus songs like Devil's Child and Jawbreaker, this is a cool live album to spin. I'm really digging this, and it makes me wish that A Touch Of Evil - Live wasn't a CD only release, because now I want the vinyl on my shelf as well.

Hand numbered out 7,500 pressed.

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

From Fear To Eternity

Iron Maiden released their From Fear To Eternity album back in 2011, and while I generally don't care about "best of" albums, that cover art looked so damn good that I wanted one for the collection. About 8 years later, I finally grabbed a copy.

From Fear To Eternity is a compilation that captures the "best" Maiden tracks from No Prayer For The Dying to The Final Frontier, and is kind of a companion record to the Somewhere Back In Time comp, which is the best of Maiden from 1980 through 1989. As I mentioned, I tend to leave the Best Of albums for your grandmother, and isn't anything that I'd be interested, but hey, I do love me some Iron Maiden.

The songs on this three record set are all great, and while there is definitely a division between Maiden's classic era of the 80's and the later day stuff, I'm in love with each, and looking at the track listing here gets me excited to listen to some of the more recent albums again. I'm not too excited about the picture disc format here, but really, who cares, it's not like I'll be spinning this very is more of a collection piece for the completist.

Sunday, February 09, 2020

Possibly A Fool

I picked up this Cinderella single from the same seller that had the Chilmark 7 inch. The guy obviously had no idea what he was doing on Discogs.

I've become interested in picture sleeve singles lately, and when I was picking up the Chilmark record, I noticed that he had Cinderella's Nobody's Fool 7 inch available as well. Now, I'm not actively searching out these singles for every band, but I they are fun to pick up when I stumble across one. The seller here had it listed as Near Mint condition, with a price tag of $2, and while I wasn't naive enough to fall for that "Near Mint" condition, I figured it was worth the gamble to add it to my order for that low price.

Damn dude, what part of this looks "near mint" to you? While the record does play great, the center label looks like they ran the entire thing through the dishwasher.

I sent the guy a message to let him know how far off base he was with these. I expected an aggressive response, but the guy was very apologetic, saying that he was new to Discogs and didn't understand what he was doing when he listed them, and has been going back to adjust his current listings. It was only $2 so I wasn't going to sweat it, but it amazes me when people stumble this badly.

Friday, February 07, 2020

Discogs And Chill

Chilmark were a hardcore band out of Cape Cod, Massachusetts back in the early 90's. They play that heavy emo style that was popular at the time, and became one of the defining sounds from those days.

Around '94, or so, I picked up some Chilmark records from a distro table at one of the shows I had traveled to in Massachusetts. It was basically a package deal where they must have had additional records for the Driftwood 7 inch, so they just stuck it in with the Mosaic 7 inch and packaging. I loved those two 7 inches...however, the CD EP that followed, was a bit disappointing. Still, it was good deal at the time, but it always kind of bothered me to just have that loose Driftwood record with no cover.

I was recently looking at Discogs to see what was available for Chilmark, and noticed that there was a seller offering a limited "band cover" for the Driftwood record. It was only listed at $5, so I jumped to buy it.

When it arrived, it was pretty obvious that it didn't match the limited pressing that it was listed as, and this is actually the regular pressing. I mean it was cheap, and I'm happy to finally have the record with the cover, so I'm not going to get too bent out of shape over it, but man, some sellers are absolutely clueless.

Monday, February 03, 2020

Bootleg Of The Beast

My buddy, Sandwell, is the king of Iron Maiden bootlegs. Dude has got some killer ones, and whenever he picks up a new boot, I get seriously jealous. Sometimes the Hells Headbangers distro will get some bootlegs in stock, so I make sure that I do a random search for Dio, Slayer and Iron Maiden whenever I'm in their webstore...and when I stumbled across one for Maiden a couple months ago, I quickly grabbed it.

Iron Maiden has released a ton of live albums over the course of their career, but they do have some holes that haven't seen an official release. One of those tours that did not get documented with a live album was the Ed Hunter tour in 1999. This was the first tour that Maiden did after reuniting with Bruce Dickinson and Adrian Smith, but before they entered the studio to record the Brave New World album. The band kept three songs from the Blaze Bayley era in the set for this tour... The Clansman, Futureal, and Man On The Edge... and I hadn't heard Bruce do a couple of those songs, so I was very excited to hear them here.

This double live record is a true bootleg, and not something that was released as a live radio broadcast, but the sound on this is still really good. This is a great recording, and it is always fun to listen to Bruce's un-edited rants and between song banter.

Nice gatefold packaging with the tour dates listed.

Thursday, January 30, 2020

Armageddon Seven Inches Pt. 8 - Social Circkle

This is the final post for my Armageddon Shop haul. I don't expect much when I shop there, but this trip ended up being a pretty good haul.

I first heard Social Circkle back in 2012, and I thought for sure that I'd picked up at least one of their records along the way. I remember really liking them at the time, and I was certain that I'd grabbed either their City Shock album or the Static Eyes EP back then. I saw a couple of their 7 inches at Armageddon that I wasn't familiar with, and I scooped them up. I got home and when I went to check the other Social Circkle records in my collection, and was kind of surprised to find that I didn't own any. Wow. I guess I just thought about buying them years ago, but never actually pulled the trigger.

Social Circkle were out of Boston, so maybe that explains why Armaggedon had some of their limited colored vinyl in stock, and I wasn't stuck with only the black vinyl.

Red vinyl is limited to 150.

I am really loving these two Social Circkle records. I'd totally forgotten how much fun this band is, and I only wish that I'd heard them before they broke up. I bet they were a blast live.

Listening to these records now really makes me want to go out and buy the ones that I thought that I already owned.

Another Social Circkle score from Armageddon. This time it is the record release pressing on clear vinyl. Numbered out of 50.

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Armageddon Seven Inches Pt. 7 - Double The Pain

At the very least, diving into the 7 inch bins at the Armageddon Shop reminded me of some cool bands that I hadn't thought about for years. I might not have been picking up rare and limited pressings for these records, but I was certainly rediscovering some cool bands.

I first heard Dead Nation back around 2000 when I picked up the Dead End CD. They played a cool thrashy style of hardcore that was popular at that time, but it seemed like it burnt itself out a couple years later. I hadn't thought about the band for a long time, but when I saw the Painless 7 inch at Armageddon it hit me that I may want to give the band a spin again. I'd never heard this 7 inch, so I figured that I'd grab a copy while I had it in my hands.

Damn. I am loving this record right now. So glad that I spent the $3 for this.

When I was picking up the Dead Alive Records pressing of the Painless 7 inch, I noticed that Armageddon also had the Kangaroo Records pressing. It had a different front cover photo, and that was all that I needed to convince me to buy two copies of this record that I'd never even heard of before that day.

I didn't realize it at the time, but in addition to the different front cover, there is a difference with the track listing between the US and Euro pressing for this record. While the US pressing has Politically Challenged, this song is swapped out for A Voiceless Generation with the Euro press. I'm glad that I grabbed both!