Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Army Life

I've got a lot of new 2018 releases waiting in the wings, and ready to blog about here, but before we get to all that, let's hit up a few older 7 inches that I've grabbed recently...and by "recently" I mean a couple months ago, because I've been slow as fuck in keeping this blog updated.

A few years ago, I picked up a few punk singles, and it ignited a spark to start chasing down some of those classics. I picked up a few of them over the following years, but it had been a while since I'd made any moves on my collection for The Exploited. I've been watching my Discogs want list for the Army Life 7 inch for a while now, and it got to the point where I just wanted to cross it off my list.

As those early punk bands have a reputation of not being able to play their instruments, these songs are catchy as fuck, and hook me every time I hear them. So good.

This single was another winner for me, as I'd never heard Fuck The Mods. I mean, it isn't that great of an Exploited song, but it was cool to finally discover it all these years later.

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Delayed Aggression

Back in 2015 I took a chance on a band called Aggression Pact. I'd never heard of them before, but since they were on Painkiller Records, I figured that I'd roll the dice. The gamble paid off, and that 7 inch became one of the best surprises that year.

When I was in the Painkiller store picking up the Deadlock record, I noticed that they also had an Aggression Pact 7 inch that I wasn't familiar with. When was this released, and how did I not hear anything about it? Without hesitation, I grabbed a copy.

Apparently, back in early 2017, Aggression Pact released this second Hardcore attack, and it took me a year to notice. Shame that more people aren't losing their minds over this record.

200 pressed on coke bottle clear vinyl, and somehow still available at Painkiller.

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Locked In

Life moves fast. Work is busy...the kids are stressing me out...I'm trying to find time to squeeze in a run to keep up my training and don't crash and burn during some of the big races that I have coming up...plus I want to set aside some time to chill with a book and listen to records. There is so much going on every day, it can be difficult to keep up. At some point during a hectic day, I was tipped off to the new Deadlock record that Painkiller was releasing. I can't even fucking remember who brought them to my attention, and I had no idea who Deadlock was, but with 30 seconds to spare I checked out the bandcamp page to give it a preview.

Once I realized that Tom from Violent Reaction was involved, and I heard that familiar ripping Hardcore sound, I was adding a copy to my cart. This shit is the real deal.

500 pressed on black vinyl, with half of them getting red covers, and the other half getting yellow.

Monday, July 09, 2018

Live At Little Elephant

Little Elephant is a studio that a couple of dudes set up in their living room. Bands come in, play a few songs live, and the Little Elephant guys record them, and release the videos to youtube and do a short run on vinyl using their lathe cut machine.

Checking out the Little Elephant had me a little underwhelmed, with really nothing catching my attention...until Iron Chic recorded a session there.

While I don't generally have much interest in Hardcore/Punk bands live records, the premise of Little Elephant seemed unique and cool enough...and since I'm a huge fan of Iron Chic, I figured that I'd jump in for this one.

Each record is hand cut on their machine in real time, and the process seems to really be a labor of love. A total DIY project from guys that just enjoy what they are doing.

Each record is hand numbered, in sequential order, so it looks like I was the 14th person to order the Iron Chic record.

Saturday, July 07, 2018

Glorious Dead Lay Under Blue Vinyl Waves

I'm starting to think that you have to belong to some kind of secret society to have access to preorders for Battle Ruins first pressings. Whenever this band releases a new record, I feel like I'm a few months late to the party, and the record label is already working on the second pressing. That's cool though, because I'm of the opinion that the colored vinyl second pressings look amazing, and I'd prefer them to the black vinyl first press.

The first LP for Battle Ruins knocked my socks off. I certainly wasn't expecting it, but that album became one of my favorites from 2014, so I was quite excited for their follow up this year. Glorious Dead does not disappoint. Anthemic and heavy...this album gets my head banding and fist pounding right out of the gates. Another winner.

Limited to 500 on blue vinyl for the second pressing, and just a few months after it's release, it is already averaging a price tag over $50 on Discogs. So glad that I was able to grab one from the label before they were gone!

Wednesday, July 04, 2018

Clone Of The Universe

Earlier this year, I was pretty focused on Hardcore, and didn't really focus on much else. I was pretty excited with Fu Manchu a few years ago, but being stuck in a recent Hardcore obsession, I found it difficult to show much interest when it was announced that the band would have a new album out this year. I took a half-assed listen to the new song they posted from Clone Of The Universe, and I quickly moved on. Meh. It wasn't doing much for me.

Fast forward a few months, and grabbed a download of the album...just because I'd hoped things would click when I was finally in that mood. Sure enough, as I was catching up on the new shit from 2018, Fu Manchu hit the spot with those fuzzed out summertime vibes.

The first side on this record is amazing. Great songs, and exactly what I'm looking for from Fu Manchu...the second side though has me struggling a bit. The 18 minute song isn't bad, it just seems like a bit of a jam, and that's not really my thing and I lose some interest. Worth it for those six songs on the A side though.

Saturday, June 30, 2018

Another Step

The plan was to stay on task, and knock out a bunch of posts for this month. I've got a good 30 records waiting in the wings, and I'm so far behind on the blog, it ain't funny...but I still managed to drag my feet, and had to scramble at the end of the month to barely get my post count to ten.

Okay...I'm going to get serious for July. I've got a ton of shit to post here, and I've got to try and get things under control.

My collection for The First Step is goddamn solid when it comes to the What We Know album and Connection EP...but for everything else, it is fucking pitiful. I made a move to correct this back in 2011 when I grabbed the blue vinyl pressing for the demo, and now seven years later, I'm finally taking another step.

As I was picking up another piece for the One Up collection, I noticed that the Discogs seller had a red vinyl copy of The First Step demo available as well. I'd been buying a string of cheap records lately, and made the impulse decision to step things up and finally cross this one off the Want List.

Second pressing on red vinyl. Limited to 200.