Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Rattle Your Boots

Back on my bootleg bullshit. I posted one earlier this year when I added another live Slayer boot to the collection, but I had the itch for more, so this is my first one for Megadeth.
I wasn't too impressed with the goofy looking cover art for this Megadeth bootleg, but since it was a very early live set for the band, I couldn't resist it. Recorded live in San Francisco on February 19th, 1984, so these are the very early years of the band. We are a full year out from the release of Megadeth's first album, and Mustaine is still cobbling together musicians trying to find a group that works... in fact, based on the time frame, I'm fairly certain that this live set is one of the five shows that had Kerry King on guitar before he went back to focus on Slayer full time.
The setlist had me excited to check out these songs but the sound is so rough at the beginning that I can't tell what is playing. The first song is Hook In Mouth, and I was curious if this was an early version of the song that ended up on the So Far, So Good album from '88, but the sound is so bad that I have no idea... same with the next song Burnt Offerings...it is just a blur of noise. Thankfully things clear up and sound much better by the time we hit Chosen Ones, and the rest of the album is a lot of fun to listen to. It is very raw and really captures the young thrash scene with Mustaine's over the top between song banter... and yes, he talks plenty of shit on Metallica. Overall, this record is very raw and what I would expect from a live bootleg from this time period.

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