Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Break Broke

I'm sure there have been some cool Hardcore records released in 2016...for the most part, I just haven't cared enough to seek them out. While this year has definitely been dedicated to bands and albums of years gone past, every once in a great while, something new will slip through the cracks.

I loved the last Clean Break record, so I jumped in once preorders for the new 7 inch were announced. It takes a lot for a new Hardcore record to get my attention this year, so you know that Clean Break is doing something right for me to buy three copies of the damn thing.

Number 12 of 90 pressed with the pre-order NFAA rip off cover.

This new Clean Break 7 inch is easily one of my most listened to Hardcore records so far this year. Hardcore played with true conviction and passion.

110 pressed on black, and 300 pressed on yellow vinyl.

Along with my Clean Break records, they threw in a copy of the Go For Broke 7 inch as well. I downloaded these songs years ago, and while I liked them, I really only listened to them a handful of times. I'm happy to finally have a vinyl copy, which may push me to give it some more spins.

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