Friday, May 27, 2016

Dag With Shawn 2016

With Red Hare back on the map with a new 7 inch earlier this year, and a new LP in the works, it was kind of surprising to see a new record from Shawn Brown and his old bandmates from Dag Nasty.

I typically approach these one-off reunion recordings with some trepidation. These guys haven't been in the studio together for almost 30 years, so you've got to wonder if they have still got it, or if it will come off as some uninspired Dad (Punk) Rock bullshit that we can all ignore. Fear not. Shawn Brown ain't going out like that. These two songs are excellent.

It's a rare feeling when it comes to reunion records, but this 7 inch leaves me wanting more.

As someone that is approaching 46 years old, these pictures on the inside sleeve of "current self" next to "1985 self" kind of freak me out. "I'm looking at pictures, and I'm thinking of those times. Those times have changed, and so have I.".

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