Saturday, April 30, 2016

Record Store Day 2016 - Part Three: Celebrated Mindset

No one pulls off a Record Store Day release better than React! Records. Year after year, React! continues to do it right, and give the collectors something special, while also benefiting their local record store in Baltimore, Celebrated Summer Records.

Since, I don't live near Baltimore, I'm lucky enough that Chris over at Unwavering Spirit has my back.

This year, React! gives us a great looking Verbal Assault rip off sleeve for the new Mindset record.

Such a great looking silk screened respect to one of the underrated bands from the mid to late '80's.

Celebrated Summer special pressings wouldn't be complete without the record store's cat mascot making an appearance...this time, nicely placed on the head of the Giant Records logo. Well done. Number 30 out of 50.

Thanks Chris!

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