Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Record Store Day 2016 - Part Two: Kill 'Em All

Last year, my biggest purchase on Record Store Day was an original Megaforce pressing of Kill 'Em All.. This year, my biggest purchase is...ummm...yeah...Kill 'Em All again. Fall to your knees, and bow to the deluxe edition of the phantom lord.

Lars and James must have been tuned into the Led Zeppelin deluxe box sets that have been released over the past couple of years, and fallen in love with them as I had done.

These Metallica deluxe box sets follow the same blueprint that Zeppelin used for theirs. Sturdy, sharp looking boxes, and just jam packed with tons of cool extras.

Of course we get the newly remastered vinyl pressing of Kill 'Em All. My Megaforce pressing is good enough for me, so this new version probably won't see much action on my turntable.

One of the big selling points for me with this box set was the double live album of Metallica's set from Paris in early '84. I can't get enough of those early Metallica live shows. The band still sounds so hungry, and James' voice is raw as fuck. Comparing this live set to the one from 2003 that Metallica released on CD for this Record Store Day, the 2003 set can be somewhat cringe-worthy.

In addition to the remastered CD, you get the Jump In The Fire picture disc, which looks cool as hell. Plus there is all the early shows from '83 and '84, a killer DVD of a live show from '83, rough mixes, and a really cool interview (although difficult to hear) with Lars about the recording of Kill 'Em All, and preparing to head into the studio for Ride The Lightning.

Finally, we get to the hardcover book, full of old photos and stories from those that were there in those early days.

I've heard people complaining about the price tag on this set, but really, when things are put together as well as this, I have no problem spending the extra cash.

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