Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Hot Rockin'

As a favor to Sandwell, I'd been storing a couple boxes of records here for him in The States. To save on shipping costs, he had some orders from REV and Deathwish sent to me, and then the plan was that when he was visiting NYC from the UK, I'd box up all the records and send them to his NYC address and he'd reimburse me the postage. Well, when I finally sent all the records to Mark, it cost me a little over $6. Pfft...I wasn't going to sweat $6, and I told him not to worry about paying me. So instead, as a 'thank you', he sent me a couple of Metal singles.

Nothing new on this Hot Rockin' 7 inch that served as a single from Judas Priest's Point Of Entry album. The B side features a live version of Breaking The Law. I imagine that this song was still pretty fresh at the time, and a live version would have been cool to hear...but these days, live versions of Breaking The Law are a dime a dozen.

So while the songs on this 7 inch aren't anything new, it is totally worth owning for the picture sleeve. Old Judas Priest photos rule.

Sandwell, obviously follows this blog closely, and knows that I've had a mild obsession with Saxon recently. This double 7 inch single for Never Surrender hits the spot.

Saxon have never looked overly "cool" or "metal", and this cover shot of the guitarist in denim overalls does not help their case at all. Band is still awesome, regardless.

There is just something cool about gatefold 7 inch sleeves.

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mcs said...

Typical Sandbag - spend a grand on flights to New York to save £20 on postage.