Saturday, March 21, 2015

The Live Great Mos Generator

I discovered Mos Generator last year, and quickly fell in love with anything that guitarist/singer Tony Reed had a hand in. The band doesn't seem to get out and tour very much, so when I discovered that they were going to be playing a few gigs on the East Coast, I made it my mission to catch one of the shows.

In the end, I made a drive over two and a half hours into the middle of New Hampshire to watch Mos Generator play live. Round trip, I ended up spending around six hours on the road, to watch the band play a 45 minute set...and it was totally worth it. To be in that small room, at the back of some pizza shop, and stand about a foot in front of Tony Reed and watch him play those riffs from Electric Mountain was truly a special experience. After their set, I got to talk with Tony for a couple of minutes, grab a piece of vinyl, and then hit the road just after midnight for the drive home.

When I checked out the merch table after the show, the only piece of vinyl that I didn't already own was The Late Great Planet Earth, so I obviously took the opportunity to finally add it to the collection. This album isn't my favorite by is a bit more laid back and trippy at times, with a bit of a Pink Floyd/early 90's era Voivod influence, and not a straight forward ripper like Nomads and Electric Mountain Majesty...but there are still some excellent songs on here, like On The Eve and Opium Skies, that are essential.

Originally released back in 2005, and out of print for some time, this is the 2014 re-issue pressed on "random" colored vinyl. My copy is a nice baby shit green with some nice streaks of color throughout it.

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