Sunday, March 22, 2015

Rain Like The Sound Of Mid-90's Emo

There was a time when CDs were my format of choice when listening to music. Each day I'd grab between 10 and 15 CDs and head out the door for my day...listening to them in the car or at work on the CD player at my desk. They were portable and convenient...and for those albums that I had exclusively on vinyl, or had downloaded from napster, WinMX, or soulseek, I burned them to CDRs. At one point, I must have had close to a thousand of these CDRs. My iPod has basically made these CDRs obsolete, and in an effort to make some space in the Music Room, I've started cleaning them out. Some of these burned CDs are for albums that, for one reason or another, I've just never owned a physical copy of. Some of it I've determined that there is a reason that I never bought a copy before, and I've sent it to the trash bin, while other stuff has got me thinking that I need to finally get off my ass and buy the vinyl.

After catching the Salad Days movie downtown one night, I happened to get to the R section in my CDR clean up. I had the full Rain Like The Sound Of Trains discography on one of these burned CDRs, and while I own all their 7 inches, I have never picked up a copy of the full length LP. Inspired by the movie, I managed to stop listening to metal for a few seconds, and found that I really needed to finally own this record.

Featuring Bobby from Soulside, and Pete from Verbal Assault, I really loved what this band was doing in the mid-90's. As a kid from Maine, whose major access to purchase music was through Ebullition or the Lumberjack distro, I had some trouble locating the Rain Like The Sound Of Trains album when it was released. However, with the full power of the internet now in my hands, I found that it was quite easy to locate and purchase a copy...and a steal for under $10. Thank you Discogs and paypal.

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mcs said...

I have the 7"s too but I never even knew there was a full length!