Monday, March 09, 2015

Night Of The Demon

Metal is absolutely killing it right now. There are so many great new bands, I'm finding it hard to keep up with them you throw in the repeat listens that I've been having with stuff like The Number Of The Beast, and I don't have much time to bother with many new hardcore records. It has been a struggle to get me out for live shows for the past few years, but lately, watching Metal bands has given me a new appreciation for seeing bands play again. With Mos Generator, Testament, Armored Saint, Iron Man, and Slayer all on the agenda for this Spring, I probably haven't this many shows penciled in on the calendar since the late 90's.

So in my quest to keep feeding the new Metal machine, I stumbled upon a band named Night Demon. I can't recall where I first heard of them, but after catching their video for Screams In The Night, I was sold. I know that lots of bands are doing the traditional Metal/NWOBHM sound, and I'm cool with that...Night Demon fits that category. Nothing original or over the top, but still some good Metal with those hints of melody that Iron Maiden perfected. Sure there is a bit of Metal cheese here, but come one, no one accused this genre of being too uptight and serious.

300 pressed on orange vinyl.

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