Saturday, October 17, 2020

Summer's Fleeting Majesty

The mid-90's was such a unique time for hardcore punk. I bought record after record through mailorder with limited to zero information about what I was buying. If I was buying from the Ebullition mailorder, I just trusted that it was going to be good. Just about everything was a gamble, and it meant that my record colleciton from those days has some wildly different styles of punk. The style that was defined as "emo" at that time is a sound that seems to have been buried in a time capsule from that time. Bands rarely play this style outside of that time period, and even more rare is when they manage to capture my attention with it.

Chris over at Unwavering Spirit was a good barometer for current bands doing this style well, and a couple years back he let me know about this band called Moonkisser. Their first EP was good, but it was extremely difficult to get the record, so I really only gave those songs a handful of listens at the time.

This past summer, when I saw over at No Echo that Moonkisser had a new record on the way this year, I quickly preordered it. There was no way that I was going to find myself empty handed again for this band. No Echo name drops bands like Quicksand and Shift, but Moonkisser has my ear tuned more to the records from Christie Front Drive and Lincoln. Either way, this band definitely has that mid-90's thing going on, and when I need something a bit different than what I'm usually spinning, Moonkisser gives me what I need.
100 pressed on "orange" vinyl for a single sided 12 inch.

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