Sunday, October 02, 2011

Youngblood 2008

Back in early 2008, Youngblood Records put up pre-orders for 7 inches from both Police & Thieves and Coptic Times. I'd never heard of either band, and money was tight, so I skipped ordering immediately. As typical for Youngblood, the records turned out to be great, and I regretted not picking them up initially. That just means that I've had to pick up the pieces here and there over the past few years. When I found the last pieces I needed for these records in an eBay store for $6.00 each, I quickly grabbed them.

The more I listen to Police & Thieves, the more I fall in love with these songs. 300 pressed on green vinyl.

The Coptic Times 7 inch that I needed was on clear vinyl.

I'm not sure what the pressing info is for the Coptic Times record. Sean Youngblood needs to update the label's discography page!

The eBay store also had a copy of the first Police & Thieves 7 inch that I was also missing.

300 were made of the first Police & Thieves 7 inch with "The People's Soldier" cover. Some are on gold vinyl...some are on black vinyl. I'm not sure of the numbers for each, but I've now got both of them.

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