Wednesday, January 28, 2009

This Is Not A Test

Last night Aram had a bunch of ebay auctions end for some test presses that he was selling. I bid hard for a couple of the Right Idea test presses, but in the end I came up short. I'm not too interested in collecting test presses, as they typically go for a lot more money than I'm able to spend, but goddamn, I was hoping to get my hands on at least one of these.
A few months ago, Aram put out a list of records that he was selling at set prices. There was so much shit that I wanted to take off his hands, but I only settled for two...The First Step's Connection EP on red with white labels (limited to 270 for the European tour), and the Core Values demo 7 inch on gold (limited to 100). These are two of the best bands in recent years, and I was excited to add these to the collection.

We are getting a major snow storm today, so with the kids out of school, I decided to work from home instead of travelling into the office. On my "lunch break" I decided to pull out my collections for both of these bands.

The gold vinyl pressing from React! completes my Get The Most collection.

While my collection for TFS is far from complete, this latest Connection 7 inch was the last one that I needed for my Rivalry pressings. I'm only missing the pre-order cover from Waking the Dead Records to really be complete...and I haven't even started collecting the demo and Open Hearts 7 inches. Either way, it makes for a nice picture.

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mcs said...

I bid on some of those tests yesteday, and won none of them. Oh well. Anyway, these are good photos. I hate getting sucked in to buying multiple versions of records, but when I see pics like this (expecially the Firt Step LPs) it just makes me want them too. Such a cool picture. Nice work! Definitely a good use of a lunch break.