Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Don't Stop The Youth

At some point I heard about Fireburn and the new record they were releasing. I checked their bandcamp page, listened to a song, and then walked away. I don't know why I showed so little was probably just a timing thing, and I was currently obsessing over Thrash records from 1987 or something like that...but either way, I quickly moved on.

Over the next few months, my Instagram feed was flooded with photos of Don't Stop The Youth, with people losing their minds and claiming this was the record of the year. Curious, I decided to check it out again, and give it more of my attention.

Fireburn is kind of supergroup, full of big names from Hardcore's past. I don't really care about that bullshit. There are plenty of old hardcore dudes writing mediocre songs that don't grab my I care very little about who is in this band. My only interest is, does this record deliver...and it does...well, half of it does anyway. Five songs...three that are killer Bad Brains influenced throw away Bad Brains influenced reggae tune...and one dub version of said reggae song that I never need to listen to again for the rest of my life.

Man, when the band is rolling, they create something that it truly great...take out those clunkers, and this could have possibly been my favorite record of the year.

500 pressed on red with black smoke vinyl.

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mcs said...

Love the word 'clunkers'.

I haven't bought into the hype of this yet. I'm not the biggest Bad Brains fan and don't quite get the hype. I'm sure I will eventually though - probably when all copies of all pressings are sold out and the cheapest copy will be $50. That's the usual pattern for me these days.