Wednesday, May 10, 2017

No Longer At Ease

I have hang ups when it comes to reissues. I mean, it is great that it keeps the vinyl in circulation, and provides a purpose to the nerds that want to stock their shelves with multiple copies (speaking from experience, as I've taken that road numerous times)...but for where I'm at right now, I just don't want much to do with them. Although, when Revelation pressed up vinyl for the Beyond reissue, all it did was motivate me to get off my ass and get my hands on an original pressing.

Beyond always seemed like one of those hugely underrated bands, like Verbal Assault and Swiz, that never got the respect they deserved. A part of that might have to do with the fact that their only release was on Combined Effort. While that label also released a handful of legit classics in their very short run, by and large they have been out of print for the past 25 years. I guess being out of the public eye without the benefit of of a name like Revelation to back you up, you tend to get pushed to the shadows (although hopefully the recent REV reissue helps to keep the band on everyone's mind). Still, make no mistake, this Beyond album can stand toe to toe against any of the legendary New York albums of that time.

Another classic Hardcore release has found a home on my record shelves.

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Willem Termote said...

On a technical skilful level this record is horrible. I expected lots more of it when I bought it.