Friday, January 29, 2016

Where Metal Dwells

My obsession for 2015 was to buy all the best new releases before the year was up. Time kept moving forward, and in the flood of new shit that I purchased, there were some albums that I just couldn't get to before the new year. When I was picking up the new Magic Circle album at 20 Buck Spin, I was looking for one more record to add to my cart and I saw the Ranger LP sitting there. Seemed like the time was right to finally cross it off the list.

Ranger thrash, and they thrash hard! Songs about killer great white sharks, nuclear war, and Satanic ceremonies...this album feels like it jumped right out of 1985.

While this album probably didn't crack my Top 20 for 2015, dropping the needle on this album tonight, it still gave me a huge charge. There is something about the album that feels it's a hidden treasure that a lot of people might just pass by, or it will end up buried by time an dust. Do people still care about those thrash revival bands from a few years ago...bands like Violator and Avenger Of Blood? No one seems to make much noise about those bands anymore. But like them, Ranger fits in with that same youthful metal defiance that burned bright in me as a kid growing up through the 80's...and honestly, I hope to never lose that fire...still throwing up devil horns and singing goofy Ranger lyrics into my 60's and 70's.

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