Saturday, January 02, 2016

You Said It Ozz

Most of the records that I bought at the end of 2015 were to cover the new releases of the year. Moving into January, things can get back to normal, so lets roll with something that is a bit more of a classic.

As I start to explore the uncharted islands of Metal singles, I'm rich with new found treasures. After discovering that there was a b-side exclusive on Ozzy's Mr. Crowley single I started hanging out on eBay, determined to bring this bad boy home.

How is it that Ozzy and company have let the song You Said It All fade into obscurity, is beyond me. You'd think that it would have been included as a bonus track on one of the reissues of Blizzard Of Ozz. Nope. If you want to own a copy of You Said It All in any form, you've got to hunt down the original vinyl pressings...and yet, this 12 inch single still only cost me $8. Solid deal.

I love the packaging on this record. The design on the front cover, and the live shot on the back are badass. Man, this looks so good.

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