Saturday, December 14, 2013

React To The Crowd

Dude, I love Hardcore. My passion for this music has not faded since I first started checking out Sick Of It All and Slapshot around 1990. Over 20 years later, and I still get a charge from checking out new Hardcore bands...and when it comes to new bands, REACT! still deliver. This started to get a little sketchy there for awhile with Damages, Tranzmitors, and Fell To Low. I appreciated what Aram was doing, but I wasn't going to be giving that stuff a lot of playing time. I love where Ev is taking the label, and the signing of Caught In A Crowd is a perfect fit for REACT!.

I remember first seeing Caught In A Crowd three years ago, and feeling excited for this up and coming Straight Edge band out of Massachusetts. It was a bit of a struggle getting their first 7 inch from Camp Records, so it was nice that CIAC found a home with REACT!. Solid band with a solid label.

I'm going to need to pony up for those special pressings that REACT! has at some point. This record is so good.

220 on purple vinyl, 300 on white, and 400 on black.

While I was picking up my CIAC preorder package, I decided to add the Remission 7 inch on white vinyl to the cart. I wasn't thrilled with this record when I picked it up on blue vinyl earlier this year, but I did eventually warm up to these two songs.


Across Your Face said...

I almost forgot I pre ordered these. I'm glad they're finally shipping out, can't wait to hear it!

Anonymous said...

This is my favourite 7" of the year. So good!