Monday, December 30, 2013

No Hot Water Music Division

Trying to collect No Idea vinyl has got to be an exercise in patience. If you thought that there were too many pressings and variations for Have Heart, try making a run at a collection for anything on the No Idea label. Looking at the pressing info for the No Division LP from Hot Water Music, I count a total of 41 different pieces of colored vinyl. Of course some of those variations are incredibly low numbers, and would be impossible to obtain, but still...that would be a lot of vinyl to have to chase.

Thankfully, I'm not a huge Hot Water Music fan, and don't have to worry about such things. The band is okay, but they have never really excited me. The one exception is the No Division album. I don't know what it is, but that one Hot Water Music record is the only one that I can really get into. Nothing else really grabs me...but, man, that album is so much fun to listen to.

It had been a while since I'd listened to it, so I decided to give it a spin a few months back. Shortly after that, I found myself in the No Idea webstore picking up the new Black God record, and since I only owned that Hot Water Music album on CD, I decide to finally grab the vinyl for it as well.

I assume this is part of the 7th pressing from No Idea on pale green colored vinyl.


mcs said...

I have a similar opinion on this band. I quite like the Doghouse Records LP, and I also own their first LP, but I used to own this LP you've just blogged about here, and found it dull so I sold it. I did have the first press on Some Records, although it was only a black copy. I think I may have bought it when I saw them live back in 97 or 98. I saw them play live once and they bored me. But I do like that Doghouse LP.

Mike said...

I've never heard that Doghouse LP. I may have to check it out.