Wednesday, July 31, 2013

In Memory Of...

On May 2nd of this year, it was announced that Jeff Hanneman, founding member and guitarist in Slayer, had died at the age of 49. Such terrible news, and an even bigger shame to hear that the cause of death was alcohol-related cirrhosis. So senseless, and completely preventable with a healthier lifestyle.

While Reign In Blood is the high point in Slayer's career, I usually hold out for Hell Awaits as my favorite album from them. It was the first Slayer album that I ever heard, and it just seems so raw in comparison to their other works. With the passing of Hanneman, I figured that I'd add another copy to the collection, to honor his memory.

The orange and red split colored vinyl was pressed by Back On Black for Record Store Day this year.

Damn, that picture disc from 2008 looks gross.

This past May also marked the three year anniversary of Ronnie James Dio's death. I'm a huge fan of everything Dio, so while I was picking up the Slayer vinyl for Hanneman, I decided that I needed to buy something in memory of Dio's passing as well.

Back On Black had just released new pressings of the Rainbow albums, as well as Dio's Holy Diver, so it was a tough call on which one to pick up. In the end I went with Long Live Rock 'n' Roll. I love the look of this split colored vinyl.

It's funny. I typically don't collect multiple copies of Metal records, but that doesn't seem to be the case with these albums.


Doug W said...

Well the whole spider bite thing that resulted in almost losing his arm didn't help much either!

I read the heavy drinking came from depression due to his inability to play fast anymore. His arm was all kinds of fucked up. The pictures are grizzly.

Hanneman was Slayer. The dude wrote every awesome song in their catalog. Such a bummer.

J@screamingforrecords said...

Agreed man. RIP to a metal legend. Seasons In The Abyss is my go to Slayer record.