Monday, July 26, 2021

What's Your Problem

Back when I was heavily attracted to the idea of collecting multiple copies of every record, I thought it would be fun to build a ridiculous collection for one of the best hardcore albums of all time...Group Sex by Circle Jerks. There are a gajillion different colored vinyl pressings of this thing, and it seemed like a good idea to chase as many of them as I could. I changed my collecting priorities shortly after picking up a few different colored vinyl options, and it had been years since I'd been tempted to pick up any more...then I saw the deluxe 40th anniversary pressing that Trust Records was doing and it turns out there was still a spark left of that old collecting flame.
I ignored the initial 40th anniversary pressing from 2020 as I was still standing strong in avoiding reissues, but that shit seemed to sell out quick and when it was announced that the label was doing another pressing in 2021, I could no longer resist.
The packaging on this thing is outstanding. It kind of makes me want to collect more of them, and when I realized that this was the label that released the recent reissue of The Crew from 7 Seconds, I was kicking myself for letting that one pass me by too. Of course the punk rock opportunists are coming out of the woodwork now, and if I want one I can find them posted on Discogs for $150. Thanks, but no thanks.
But yeah, the packaging for this reissue is great. With a nice big booklet that is packed with quotes, photos and flyers, plus there is a reproduction of an old Circle Jerks promo fanzine with info on the band, and a sticker to slap onto the back of your car.
So much great history here.
When I placed my order, I went with the deluxe option that included a signed poster. I don't know why I thought that I needed this, but it seemed like a good idea to spend the highest amount that I could when I was grabbing a copy of this. I guess I thought that this would be great framed on my wall, but the reality is that this poster will most likely stay rolled up and in a corner collecting dust.
Fuck it. I might as well get a group photo for the six versions that I own of Group Sex.

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