Thursday, July 19, 2018

UK Stranglehold

A couple of years ago, I was first introduced to the UK Subs, and immediately fell in love with their first album, Another Kind Of Blues. The blue vinyl looked amazing, and soon I was interested in their colored vinyl singles. I grabbed the single for Tomorrows Girls, and threw a couple on to my Discogs want list. Two years later, I'm finally pulling the trigger.

All of the songs on the Stranglehold single ended up on the band's first album, so there wasn't really anything new here, but I believe that these songs are from a different recording session. The song Stranglehold is such a great and catchy tune.

Looking good on red vinyl.

Another UK Subs single that I picked up was for She's Not There. A cover song from the The Zombies out of the 60's, the UK Subs inject it with a shot of punk attitude. The song Kicks is from the UK Subs second album, Brand New Age, but everything else here is exclusive to this 7 inch. Definitely worth grabbing.

Green vinyl. These colors look so good that I've got an itch to chase some more of them. Maybe I'll get around to that in two more years.

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