Monday, July 09, 2018

Live At Little Elephant

Little Elephant is a studio that a couple of dudes set up in their living room. Bands come in, play a few songs live, and the Little Elephant guys record them, and release the videos to youtube and do a short run on vinyl using their lathe cut machine.

Checking out the Little Elephant had me a little underwhelmed, with really nothing catching my attention...until Iron Chic recorded a session there.

While I don't generally have much interest in Hardcore/Punk bands live records, the premise of Little Elephant seemed unique and cool enough...and since I'm a huge fan of Iron Chic, I figured that I'd jump in for this one.

Each record is hand cut on their machine in real time, and the process seems to really be a labor of love. A total DIY project from guys that just enjoy what they are doing.

Each record is hand numbered, in sequential order, so it looks like I was the 14th person to order the Iron Chic record.

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