Friday, August 07, 2015

Night Songs

Earlier this year, my friend Rob sent me a message, confiding in me that as a guilty pleasure he was currently listening to Poison. I decided to play along, and half-jokingly replied back that when it came to 80's hair bands, that I was more of a Cinderella man. Things escalated quickly from there, as he challenged me by asking if I had the vinyl for Night Songs. Not one to back down, I immediately went to eBay and started searching for the record. I placed a couple of low bids, hoping to get a copy for a steal, but I was outbid at the last second, and I walked away empty handed. Shortly after that flurry of activity, Cinderella were soon forgotten about.

I was recently at a work function downtown, and had a few hours to kill between activities. It was a pretty chill afternoon walking the streets and hitting the four record stores within a few blocks of each other. I hit pay dirt at Moody Lords, which sells a bunch of vintage clothing, and occasionally has an respectable used section for Metal vinyl. When I saw the Cinderella LP with the $8 price tag, I couldn't resist the opportunity to finally add this record to the collection.

Don't let the pink and purple hues, and the big hair fool you, this is a killer rock album. While Cinderella would get lumped in with the Poison's and the Warrant's of the 80's, they were more blues than bubblegum...lots of early Aerosmith influence.

Listening to this record today, I can believe just how much I'm loving it. You know, I've never paid any attention to the band's follow up, Long Cold Winter...I remember kind of digging the Gypsy Road single, but I never cared enough to go deeper than that. I may have to grab a sneaky download and check it out.

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