Wednesday, August 12, 2015

10 Inch Blues Pills

Last summer, I was introduced to Blues Pills and it was love at first sight. On a whim, I decided to check out some of their youtube videos, and the first song that I queued up was a live version of Black Smoke at Rockpalast. I was initially hooked by the guitar tone, but once Elin Larsson started singing, I was crushin'. Such a powerful voice, and such a beautiful face...I was soon searching for any Blues Pills video, just to watch her. Yeah, there was some serious creeping going on.

I listened to the Blues Pills album on repeat all last year, but when I was placing an order with Nuclear Blast this Spring, I figured that it was time to finally grab a couple of the earlier of them of course being the Live At Rockpalast 10 inch.

300 pressed on "orange" vinyl.

The other 10 inch EP from Blues Pills that I grabbed was the Devil Man record. Sure the band re-recorded the song Devil Man for their full length, but really, this EP version is the one you need. With Elin's incredibly powerful and passionate vocal intro, man, this is so good.

Because this was released on Nuclear Blast, there are about 10 different pieces of colored vinyl pressed for each release. I think that I got lucky with my purchase, because both the gold and blue vinyl that I picked up for these two match the covers perfectly.

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