Sunday, May 24, 2015


I might not be paying very close attention to new hardcore releases this year, but it is still a safe bet that I'll be jumping at anything that Youngblood releases. This label, along with React, are probably the only two hardcore labels that I will still follow religiously.

I've always liked Disengage, so this purchase was a no-brainer. Still, given my metal state of mind, I didn't expect to listen to it regularly. Six songs in five minutes, hardly seemed like it was going to be enough to really chew on. Much to my surprise, along with Aggression Pact and Public Suicide, the new Disengage is getting regular spins on my iPod.

200 pressed on blue, and 300 pressed on black vinyl.

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mcs said...

Completely missed this. The blue colour looks rad. Maybe one day I will track one down...