Saturday, May 29, 2010

Three For One Trade

A few weeks back, I had posted about the Record Store Day pressing for the Sick Of It All 7 inch. Over a couple of months leading up to Record Store Day, Marcus had mentioned that he had a few records that he was setting aside, and was planning on sending me. When he requested that I pick him up a copy of the new Sick Of It All pressing, I didn't hesitate to help him out. I've never really traded records before, but this one just kind of fell into place.

I've never been a huge fan of Iron Age. When Constant Struggle was released in 2006, the hardcore community seemed to lose their shit over the band. I know that you can't really compare the two, and it was unfair of me to do so, but all I could think was that it wasn't anywhere as good as Far From Breaking. The metal influenced hardcore thing doesn't typically sit well with me. I love metal, and I love hardcore, but mixing the two tends to leave me unimpressed. Marcus went on and on about how good the new album, The Sleeping Eye, was. When he ended up with an extra copy, I finally gave in and told him that I would take it off his hands.

It has taken me a few years, but I'm finally catching on to the Iron Age hype. This album is pretty sick. The riffs are amazing, and the entire thing is heavy as fuck. You win Marcus. This is a great album.

I dig the stark black and white image for this UK pressing. The whole packaging on this is really well done. Hand numbered out of 100.

The other record that Marcus had set aside for me was the red vinyl pressing of the Billingsgate LP. He had picked this up from someone that was selling their collection, and I'm thankful that he grabbed this one for me. I'm a big fan of Billingsgate, yet I did not own their No Apologies LP on vinyl. This oversight has now been corrected.

Solid looking piece of red vinyl. I have no idea on any of the Nemesis pressing info, so I don't know how many of these exist.

The final piece of vinyl was the Time Flies 7 inch. I recently posted about the Misfits rip off cover that the band did for this record. Marcus mentioned that he had an extra copy of the Captain Harlock cover, and asked if I wanted it. Right on.

Very cool acetate cover with green vinyl. 100 pressed.


Carlos said...

that Billingsgate on red is killer! I found one super cheap (5 bucks) on ebay years ago haha.. Im also looking for the pressing info.

marcus said...

Glad to hear you're digging the Iron Age LP!