Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Can't Kill What's Inside

Revelation has finally released the vinyl pressing of the Mouthpiece discography. Limited to 343 on "Chung King white" vinyl. With To The Side only available on the Anti-Matter comp, I rarely listened to this song, so it is nice to finally have all the Mouthpiece songs available in one place. While the packaging on this album is good, all I can think about is how it could have been so much better. The band released one album, two 7 inches, plus a couple of comp songs, so I'm not sure how they fit it all on to one slab of vinyl. I would have loved to see them spread things out, and make this a double album with a nice gatefold sleeve. Plus, I would have loved to see some writing from Tim about the band. He did a fantastic job on Double Cross, documenting the stories behind all of their record covers, and they really should have utilized some of Tim's writing for the packaging on this album. The CD version captures all the dates and locations of Mouthpiece's shows, which is nice to have, but it's not really substantial. Over all this is a crucial discography from one of the Straight Edge bands that have really held up over the test of fact I probably listen to Mouthpiece more now, than I did back in the 90's.

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