Wednesday, December 03, 2008

You Complete Me

What a surprise! On Monday, I got home at 1:00 in the morning from the Celtics game, and there next to the computer was a box from Youngblood Records. What the Hell? I know that I'm not waiting for anything from Youngblood. I open the box and inside, along with the Fired Up 7 inch on purple, and the Lights Out LP on white (limited to 202), is a note that simply says "From Marcus". A few posts back I mentioned that I was missing these two records, and Marcus helps out my endless quest, and goes ahead and contacts Sean from Youngblood and has him send them to me. Wow. Impressive in the fact that this Lights Out pressing has been sold out for a while. I haven't known Marcus that long, and then only through our blogs, so the level of generosity from this man is mind blowing. Thank you so much, man.
So with this final pressing of the Lights Out LP, my collection of Overload is complete.


mcs said...

Glad I could help out, my man. The pic of the Lights Out LPs looks cool too.

Mike said...

Man, nothing finer than a picture of a completed collection. I load them up and use them as my screen geek. :)