Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Welcome to Boston: Part 2 (Celtics vs Magic)

My second trip to Boston in two weeks...this time for our annual trip to a Boston and Orlando game. Rob, Brent and I had plans to stop at Nuggets for some record shopping, but to our dismay, the store is closed on Monday. I guess that I missed the store hours that are posted on the front door when I was there a week ago! Too bad...there was a 97a picture disc that I was planning on picking up. Oh well, with the store closed, we decided to go and kill some time at Faneuil Hall and Quincy Market. We were surprised to find that Newbury Comics had opened a store there since our last visit. Yes! Record shopping was back on! I head to the vinyl section and was on the verge of picking up the new Ceremony album when I found the new Toxic Holocaust album. Pretty much a one man show from Joel Grind, as he plays guitar, bass, and sings. This is some pretty raw thrash. Really fuckin' cool. Tim Junk Food posted about this record a couple months ago, so like his copy, I thought that I was going to find some yellow vinyl inside. It was kind of a cool surprise to find green wax instead...especially since we were on our way to see the Celtics. Relapse seems to press vinyl colors limited to 300, so I'm going to have to assume that is the pressing for this one.
After killing a ton of time walking around Boston, the three of us made our way to TD Banknorth Garden for the game. Following the tradition for when we go to these games, Boston wins. This was Brent's first trip to a game, and it was a lot of fun throwing up high fives as the Celtics steamrolled the Magic to end the game. Good times.

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Junk Food said...

Fuck yeah, I like this color a lot more than the yellow. It seems to go a lot better with the artwork. I have the cd version of this as well and it's green also.