Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A Couple Pieces Of Redemption

Why does 1917 Records hate me? This is the second pre-order I've done with them for I Rise vinyl, and both times I have failed to get the most limited pressing. It happened with the Down 7 inch, and now again with the new full length, For Redemption. I ordered two copies, and got the red and green split, limited to 200, and the mint green pressing, limited to 500...but I missed out on the pink vinyl which was limited to 100.
Maybe it is me, but once again I'm feeling underwhelmed by a new release in 2008. I'm not sure what it is...maybe it is high expectations, but the three albums that I have been looking forward to the most...Have Heart, Verse, and now I Rise...just haven't floored me. Sure they are good, and with repeated listens I'm enjoying them more and more, but overall, I'm just not getting my ass kicked. Maybe it is just my mood. Please, can someone release a no-bullshit, youth crew hardcore record, and make me happy?


xroldx said...

Hey Mike I am a bit underwhelmed as well. From all the newer releases I find myself digging The Effort the most somehow.

about doing a kick ass youth crew release State Of Affairs is working on it ;-)

We're going to do a show with Verse, I Rise and Anchor in November. Pretty decent package.

Mike said...

The Effort, Verse, Have Heart and I Rise all play a similar style, and at this point I'd probably lean towards Verse as the best of the four in 2008...although that album from The Effort is pretty close!

Dude, that sounds like a great show. Very cool that State of Affairs is on the bill. I'm going to have to rip some mp3s of the songs you guys have up on myspace...I don't listen to them nearly enough.

xroldx said...

Well those mp3's are with the old drummer. New songs are way faster and more oldschool. Some people say Side By Side, Desperate Measures and Champion. Which are comparisons I can live with.

Mike said...

Then I obviously need to hear the new songs!

Tyler said...

This record isn't great. I got the green/red vinyl too, I've listened to it a few times but I'm going to need motivation to listen to it much more.

Rold, cool to hear about your band, you'll have to let us know asap when you get new stuff out.

Mike said...

Once I sat down with the lyric sheet and listened to the album, I liked it more...but it pales in comparison to how good the 7 inch is.