Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Feeling Good

I found this excerpt from a Peanuts comic strip the other day. Someone had it as their signature on a messageboard, and I thought that it was a perfect reflection of my personality. There is no better way to turn around a bad day at work than skipping out at lunch and hitting the record store. I feel pretty lucky that I've got two great stores within a 5 minute drive from my office. When things get shitty and stressful at work, I've got a perfect escape just outside the doors and around the corner. New vinyl makes all the problems go away. Ha!
I got a nice big order from Very Distro the other week. I went a little crazy...they were having a sale on Earache Records titles, and I took the opportunity to grab a few different colors of the SSS record as well as a picture disc of The Art of Partying by Municipal Waste. I've started warming up to the idea of picture discs. While past readers of this blog should be know, I've always despised picture discs....there is no packaging and the sound quality is typically shit. Then it dawned on me the other day, who cares, they are great additions to my collection! For SSS, I picked up the clear and green colored vinyl, plus the original pressing on Dead & Gone Records, which was the bands record label before they moved to Earache. They released the SSS record on about 9 different colors of vinyl....I now have 3 colors. The other album that I picked up was Symptoms of Youth by Bad Reaction. Someone from turned me on to this band, as we both liked Fields of Fire, and Ben Edge from that band now plays in Bad Reaction. Very cool style of old school punk, in the vein of The Adolescents and early Circle Jerks.

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mcs said...

Dude, the SSS LP was pressed on a stupid number of colors. As you mention. But Earache only pressed something like 5 sets of colors, one for each dude in the band. When it came out they posted pics on a uk message board and basically said that it was one of their conditions of signing to Earache - that they pressed up all these different colors for the band. I know there were like 100 copies on Earache on red, but i wasn't aware that any other copies (like your green one) were for sale. So nice work there!