Thursday, January 10, 2008

In Rememberance of Old New York...

The Christmas spirit just keeps on rollin' with this entry courtesy of Paul. These three records, he bought for me while we were on our trip to New York with Rob. That weekend was such a blast, and I am still in awe over how amazing Generation Records is. There are still records that I think about from that store, where I am left wishing that I had picked them up when I had the chance.
  • Break It Up - No Sides : I took a chance on this one, as I had never heard the band before...but they were on Dead and Gone Records, so I felt it was a safe bet. The band has a couple of guitarists from Voorhees, and play a pretty straight forward style of hardcore. Good stuff. I was surprised to find that the orange vinyl that I got was limited to 200 pressed.
  • Youth of Today - Can't Close My Eyes : Pure fucking hardcore fury. Youth of Today are one of my favorite hardcore bands, and I'm ashamed to say that my vinyl collection includes only the Disengage 7 inch, and the live album. When I saw this in New York, I knew it was time to step it up, and finally get it going. The thought of trying to really do something with a Youth of Today collection is pretty intimidating. There are so many different pressings, and it would cost way more than I can really put into it, but I feel like I owe it to myself to at least get some of their vinyl into my collection. This is a start.
  • Misfits - Earth A.D. : Speaking of hardcore classics, here is another one that I feel should be the part of every one's collection. This album just totally rips, and is one of the more hardcore Misfits albums. I remember when Paul bought this tape when we were kids. It was a total wall of noise upon first listen, and it was really hard for our ears to hear what was going on underneath the chaos...but over time, wow, this was some intense, pounding shit.

Anyway, it was nice to get this great reminder of our trip from last Fall. Thanks Paul...already thinking ahead to where we might go for Roadtrip 2008.


Tyler said...

Your YOT collection is still better than mine, i only have one LP. I bought "Can't Close My Eyes" last time i was in Hits and Misses only to get home, take the record out of it's sleeve and find out there was a schizophrenics record inside. Some older Toronto hardcore band, that sound like a poor man's Minor Threat. Huge Bummer.

Bandit said...

Where to this year bud? Is there some record store in Philly you need to get to or maybe in Chicago? Or are we just going to a Six Flags. Maybe there will be a killer 3 day hardcore show back in NYC to head to? Another ball game? Let's do it!!!

BB said...

Thank you! I always thing it sucks but it's awesome to hear that so really THANK YOU :) haha
And I hope you never are in an accident going to a show or at any other sucks so bad but it could have been alot worse. I just hope I have the same attitude of being stoked that Bane is still playing if I ever am in one again :)