Saturday, June 16, 2007

I've Made My Choice. Six.Six.Six.

I've long thought about collecting Slayer vinyl, but have never gotten around to adding much to my collection. All I had was Hell Awaits, which I bought back in High School (1985) when I was starting to get into Metal that was more extreme than the Iron Maiden and Judas Priest that I was listening to at the time, and South of Heaven, which I bought off of Jeff last month. The collection was not really getting anywhere because I was spending my money on other records and CD's on eBay. I was at Newbury Comics the other day, looking through their small assortment of vinyl and was surprised to see the newest record, Christ Illusion, in there. Here it was in my hands, and I didn't have to bid on it on ebay, and pay for shipping...damn...I didn't hesitate to drop the $16.00 for it. Warning : Nerd Alert! This record comes in a gatefold sleeve, and the packaging looked so sweet wrapped up in plastic. There was something about it that was just so perfect, so incredible, that it took me a full five days before I dared break the plastic seal to reveal the red colored vinyl. Sorry, you were warned, and I totally geeked out on this record. All hail the mighty Slayer.

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