Saturday, June 02, 2007

Getting The Most

A while back, I saw a posting on the Livewire messageboard that Crucial Response Records was offering free shipping for a limited time. I had been wanting the green vinyl pressing of the Get The Most 7 inch, so I figured that it was a good time to place an order. I used to get all the Crucial Response releases, up until around they released the Rectify stuff. That was when I started to lose I stopped buying records through Ebullition Distro, so I didn't really have a means to readily buy their stuff. Anyway, I got the green vinyl of Get The Most, limited to 300, plus I picked up the One Track Mind compilation. The comp is full of cool European hardcore bands...a couple of them I knew, like Damage Control, Dead Stop, and Black Friday '29, some of them I was anxious to check out, like Know Your Enemy and No Denial, and a bunch of bands that I had never heard before. The whole thing is well done, with a great representation of Euro hardcore from 2003. I got the limited Raw Data cover...only 90 of them were made. The Raw Data series is an exclusive pressing that Crucial Response is doing, where the records come in a silkscreened sleeve. This series is only available through CRR mailorder. Very cool idea, and after getting the One Track Mind comp, I'm thinking of ordering more from the series.


Tyler said...

Man, i still haven't picked up that Get The Most 7 inch. I'm hoping the new record store in the city will have it when i go there this weekend.

Did you hear they're doing a new EP? I think it's up for Pre-order right now on Crucial Response along with another band called One Voice that has a new EP, maybe their first one? coming out.

xroldx said...

If you do order other Crucial Response stuff Mike I suggest
the Eyeball 7", everything Mainstrike and of course the For the Sake of Dedication Lp (incl. Floorpunch, TYF, PLagued with Rage etc).

I'm going to the Crucial Response showcase July first, should be nice.

Mike said...

Tyler, yeah I saw that CRR has the preorder up for the new Get The Most record. Maybe I'll order it this month.

Yeah Rold, I have the Eyeball 'More Days To Come' CD, but haven't heard the 7 inch yet. I've got Mainstrike and the comp as well. I need to get the Know Your Enemy stuff and the first Damage Control record!

xroldx said...

The More Days To Come cd is not as good as the 7". At the time of the full length they were heading more into a nyhc vibe instead of fast youthcrew.